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Kentucky Haunted Houses can be found here at Are you looking for the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses in Kentucky? Every haunted attraction in Kentucky from haunted houses, haunted attractions, hayrides, corn mazes, Screamparks, to everything between can be found on these pages. If you are looking for the best and scariest haunted houses in Louisville, Lexington or Owensboro, Kentucky the scariest haunts are found here at HauntWorld. Kentucky Haunted Houses are some of the best and scariest haunted houses in the United States. We offer a zip code finder so you can locate the scariest haunted houses in Kentucky closer to where you live.
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Ghost Tours in KENTUCKY
Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Kentucky - - 2 Views
Waverly is PRIVATE PROPERTY, there is NO TRESPASSING allowed. The ONLY legal way to visit Waverly is to call and make a reservation for a Guided Tour or a Paranormal Investigation. Office days & hours for calling to make a reservation are: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. ( Lunch from 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm.) EST. (502)933-2142 We Thank You! For your support in HELPING US SAVE WAVERLY! Waverly Hills Sanatorium is known by many as "One of The MOST HAUNTED PLACES ON EARTH" (OR) "One of the most SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH". Either way Waverly is a very interesting place FULL of History & Paranormal Activity... We didn’t get that title and reputation for nothing. There is Paranormal Activity happening here on a regular basis. Even though you many not always easily see it, hear it, feel it, or smell it... when you do, you know it. Thousands can attest to their "Waverly Experience". And we are working constantly to bring you that “Waverly Experience” online. Be sure to visit our site often for stories and photos from our friends and guests. The best way to experience Waverly Hills is to come see it for yourself. We’re waiting for you!

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Haunts of Owensboro in Owensboro, Kentucky - - 2 Views
Do you believe in Ghosts? After experiencing our two hour walk around Historic Downtown Owensboro you just might. Our Ghost Tour is the one people are dying to take. We tell tales of Haunts, Hangings and Voodoo.

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The Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky - - 1 Views
The Old Talbott Tavern has always been known for the ghostly stories told by the locals and some guests. The most famous ghostly visitor is supposedly Jessie James. Another is the lady in white. They always appear as apparitions. The other stories include round balls of light (orbs) moving around the room in the middle of the night, or flashes of light without cameras. More stories include movements of objects without any cause, such as forks and glasses on dining tables moving without anyone touching them, keys disappearing from the front desk and showing up down the hall on the floor later that day. Furniture has been known to start jumping up and down without any reason. Some have seen shadows walk out of dark corners into the light before disappearing. The sounds that are most heard are music, clocks chiming out during late night hours, doors opening and closing when no one else is in the building , and lots of footsteps all hours of the day. Knocking at doors with no one there when you open to see who is knocking. An old piano that was heard playing by its self, and voices calling out from empty areas.

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The Seelbach Hilton in Louisville, Kentucky - - 1 Views
The Seelbach Hotel has earned the distinction of being included in the National Register of Historic Places and is considered the premiere hotel of Kentucky. It also has a reputation of being the humble abode of the famous Lady in Blue.

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The Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky - - 1 Views
Harriet Bishop Speed, the second wife of J B Speed, was a high society woman who was also a concert pianist, music teacher, and huge, enthusiastic promoter of music and the arts in Louisville. It wasn't surprising then, that Harriet Bishop Speed established The Speed Art Museum in 1927, as a memorial to her beloved husband, donating many pieces of art they had collected together, to begin the art collections to be enjoyed by the people of Louisville. Today, " The Speed Art Museum is Kentucky’s oldest and largest art museum with over 12,000 pieces in its permanent collection. Its extensive collection spans 6,000 years, ranging from ancient Egyptian to contemporary art." The regal looking, Speed Art Museum, with its Greek-influenced architectural marble facade, has a fine collection of 17th century Dutch and Flemish paintings, 18th century French art, Renaissance and Baroque tapestries, and a large display of contemporary American painting and sculpture. Also, the museum has been growing in their display collections of African and Native American works. In 1997, a major $12 million renovation and expansion has brought major exhibitions of photography, painting, design, and sculpture into the museum. While the admission is free, a $4.00 donation is suggested.

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 Hauntworld Reviews Kentucky Haunted Houses


Welcome to our Kentucky Haunted House and Halloween Attraction page where you can find all sorts of haunted houses in Kentucky. Some of our favorite haunted houses in Kentucky are located on this page.  Listed below are some of the best haunts you can find in the state of Kentucky.  If you know of a haunted house, haunted hayride, ghost tour, real haunted house, haunted attraction, scary attraction, or Halloween attraction in Kentucky please refer those attractions to our site so they may create a FREE listing.  If you you would like to review one of the attractions we have listed please create an account.  Once you create a user account you may post your reviews and rate any haunted houses on our system.

The Skeleton's Liar near Bowling Green, Kentucky is one of the most thrilling haunted houses in Kentucky. It is a self guided tour through the spooky woods and then a hayride like you have never been on before. Things go boo in the night and you won't know if they are actors or those who tried to make it through before you but never did. Find them online at

Screamfest presents Pirates of the Dead End and Talon Falls Haunted Houses in Melber, Kentucky a haunted house where Pirates chase you to a DEAD END where you may not make it home alive. You will hear the clanks of chains, but is it in your imagination or are they really after you. See for yourself at

The Panic Room in Hustonville, Kentucky is home to 4 haunted attractions in one locations. Also home of the $$MONEY BACK$$ haunt if you make it ALL the way through alive. Some might say we are crazy, but we cause people to go CRAZY. To see if you can make it all the way through click here

SCREAMPARK in Lexington, Kentucky one of Kentucky's BIGGEST haunted houses, providing the SCARIEST scares. Screampark is an indoor haunted attraction so rain or shine, we plan on scarying the guts out of you. If you think you have the guts that is. Do you have the guts? Click here

Dangerrun in Louisville, Kentucky two haunted houses featuring a drive through mind game that will have all of your senses on high speed. Think you have what it takes to survive danger run? Or will you RUN away in FEAR. Find them online at

There are a lot of other spooktaculr haunted houses near Kentucky like Slaughterhouse in Nashville, Tennessee the bodies you see on the table might just be those who didn't make it out before you. Watch for the chainsaws, you could be next. gives you all the details.

Another haunted house you can't miss is The Haunted Hoochie near Columbus, Ohio on of the most extreme haunted houses you will ever visit. This is not for the faint of heart blood sucking clowns will make your worst nightmares come to life. Run and Scream all you like, no one will hear you, and you will BEG for your life. Think you have what it takes, visit them at

Netherworld Haunted House Voted one of America's BEST haunted house year after year after year and with reason. After a visit to Netherworld you will be so scared you won't be able to sleep for nights. With creatures such as Carnivore and Mangler following your every foots steps looking for their next victims. If they don't get you be causious the live rats and roaches might. Click here to see

Demons Den's House of HORROR will leave you running in search of the exit Tennessee's Ultimate haunted house. If you think you are brave give them a try. You will be running for you life from ghouls who will chase you with a chainsaw, or zombies that are thirsty for your blood. Visit them online at 

Looking to take a weekend trip. Might we suggest The Darkness haunted house ranked as the second most scary in St. Louis, Missouri. Two floors of pure hell this is a haunted house like no other. Floors that will move from under you, a 3-D clown house known as Terrovisions, and a T-Rex who has been thriving on those who dont make it out for years. The Darkness was recently renovated for the upcoming year and you might leave with wet pants.

Kentucky loves to scream so please be our guest and click on the profiles for Halloween attractions in Kentucky listed above.

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Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride (Petersburg, KY)

Located in the small town of Petersburg Kentucky is Sandyland Acres Haunted Hayride. While most hayrides take place on dirt paths, Sandyland Acres is made of well, sand. This is a benefit since the thick sand sucks up water when there is a big storm. The main people that are behind Sandyland Acres are Gene and Debra Web. Before they were running a haunted hayride they were attending horror conventions all over the United States.

One fateful night they visited a nearby hayride and a thought came them. They already have the equipment and land so they might as well create there own haunted hayride in their small town. It was a risk, but it paid off big time. While this will be its third year of operation, you would never know that by the quality of  the hayride.

Sandyland Acres consists of mostly recreations of horror movie favorites such as Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Friday The 13th and many others. While this may sound typical for a haunt, it isn’t since the frightening scenes you’ll experience are very convincing to the point where you feel like you’re part of the movie. Custom-made masks are used for characters such as Michael Myers and Predator while the sets almost perfectly resemble their movie counterparts.

The future is bright for Sandyland Acres since they are doing everything right that many haunts that have been around for much longer are doing wrong. They constantly advertise through signs, festivals, parades, sponsors and even cross promote with a group of haunts called Cincy Haunts ( This is a group of haunts that are located in or near Cincinnati that promote each other while providing detailed information. Plus they even have a bus tour and even give away prizes for people participating. To put it simply. This is a haunt ran by great people that are striving to create a frightening experience for those brave enough to ride their frightening hayride.

USS Nightmare (Newport, KY)
One of the few haunted boats in the United States is USS Nightmare and for nearly 20 years it's been scaring people in the greater Cincinnati area. What sets this haunt apart from other haunts in the country? It's quite simple, atmosphere.  Once you walk inside this rustic steamboat you can feel its haunted history come alive before you ever come in contact with an actor or see a scary prop. The paint on the walls is peeled while much of the metal is rusting. There is something scary and mysterious about this boat and once you enter the first scene you know all Hell is going to break loose.
While the boat alone is frightening, the scenes you'll venture into are down right bone chilling. Some of these include a spooky graveyard, clown ball pit, haunted museum, choose your fait room and so much more. Along with the variety of themed rooms comes there is the latest and greatest in haunt technology. But USS Nightmare doesn't just depend on its eye candy since they have a large group of dedicated actors that are dressed in impressive costumes and makeup and prosthetics. But USS Nightmare's success can be contributed by its dedicated staff that works endless hours constructing and organizing this classic haunt.
The staff includes:Allen Rizzo-General Manager, Glenna Rizzo-Production Manager, Steve Schrcitcis-Design, Brian Robbe-Design, Tony Dimuzio-Design, Mark Hopkinson- Design, Jason Ervin-Design, and Jason Stamper-Design.








Baxter Avenue Morgue (Louisville, KY)
Baxter Avenue Morgue is possibly one of the most underrated haunts in the country. Since opening in 2000 it has gained a cult status due to its frightening realism and creepy scenes. Although Baxter Avenue Morgue may not take place in an actual morgue, the creators work hard in convincing people that it does. Once you arrive at the morgue a sense of dread may go down you back. This is due to the convincing story of the haunted morgue that chronicles its tragic past and strange occurrences.
Before you enter the morgue you are welcomed by the current owner Warren Vanderdark who warns you of what lies behind the morgue's doors. Once you enter the basement of the morgue you soon find out why this haunt is so infamous. This haunt is dark and confining where every scene blends together seamlessly to create a haunting story. The Baxter Avenue Morgue is truly one of those haunts that you must visit once in your lifetime.


It's that good and the actors who play parts in the various scenes are incredible. Much of the staff is comprised of students from the local school of creative and performing arts and on select days a local dance troop reenacts the classic Thriller video for the crowd waiting in line. In 2007 the original directors Joey Arena and Verity Jones left Baxter Avenue Morgue to work on their latest project Otherworld. It's a haunt that gives customers the choice of what path to take and the haunt promises to have things that you've never seen in any other haunt before. But even though the original creative directors have left Baxter Avenue Morgue still is one of the nation’s most bone chilling haunts that doesn’t seem to miss a step.

The Haunted Hotel (Louisville, KY)

The Haunted Hotel is Louisville’s longest running haunt and for good reason. Intensity doesn’t begin to describe this haunt. When you first arrive at The Haunted Hotel you’ll notice that the street has been blocked off by cop cars because this haunt is that popular. And once you enter you’ll know exactly why. You’ll first enter into a haunted elevator that has been taken over by a deformed pig creature.

The lights begin to flash as the creature presses its buttons and all Hell breaks loose. The elevator uncontrollably shakes as sounds of steel can be heard as the elevator is ready to crash. Make sure and hold onto something before you fall over. Their version of the Hellevator cost over $10,000 alone before the modifications. Finally after a few minutes the ride is over and you’re on the 13th floor. This is when the real fun begins as you venture into unique rooms that have scenes perfectly timed to music and lights.

Some of the rooms you’ll experience are a haunted kitchen full or a moving cabinet doors, a haunted bedroom, a fun house and even a live nude shower scene that squirts people as they peep through the glass. You would pray that your trip into terror was over, but that was only the inside area of the haunt. The outside area includes various scenes and one of the most intense chainsaw mazes you will ever experience. The Haunted Hotel pulls no punches with their mix of intense actors and well-timed scenes. It’s truly one of those haunts that people look forward to all year round.





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