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Minnesota Haunted Houses can be found here at Are you looking for the biggest, best and scariest haunted houses in Minnesota? Every haunted attraction in Minnesota from haunted houses, haunted attractions, hayrides, corn mazes, Screamparks, to everything between can be found on these pages. If you are looking for the best and scariest haunted houses in Minneapolis, St. Paul or Rochester, Minnesota the scariest haunts are found here at HauntWorld. Minnesota Haunted Houses are some of the best and scariest haunted houses. We offer a zip code finder so you can locate the scariest haunted houses in Minnesota closer to where you live.
Mantorville Opera House in Mantorville, Minnesota - - 2 Views
The Mantorville Opera House has been visited many times by different paranormal investigators, all with varying results. The fact that teams keep coming back tells me that there is something worth investigating here. The town of Mantorville is said to have several haunted locations, however, The Opera House is the best known and seems to have the most activity. Visitors, performers, employees and audiences have all reported strange occurrences. Malfunctioning, unpredictable stage lights and missing props seem to be the most common. There have also been many reports of strange orbs, shadows, figures, cold spots, foot steps and voices.

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Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota - - 2 Views
As seen on the History Channel, Down In History Tours offers a unique alternative to the typical tour. Our theme tours are narrated by knowledgeable and talented guides who make history fascinating and thrilling. Our historically dressed character guides converse and interact with the group members. Choose us and enjoy our unusual, fun-filled blast from the past tours!

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Fitzgerald Theater in Saint Paul, Minnesota - - 2 Views
The Fitzgerald Theater is committed to programming that reflects the audience and mission of Minnesota Public Radio. This 1,000-seat theater acts as MPR's largest broadcast studio, with airwaves reaching millions of people tuned in to A Prairie Home Companion. Our staged productions commission authors, artists and radio hosts to create intellectually stimulating programs that delight and enlighten our vast public radio community. The Fitzgerald Theater is Saint Paul's oldest theater and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010.

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First Avenue Night Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota - - 1 Views
Once Greyhound Bust Station, it has been said that several homeless people have died here. In particular, one teenage girl allegedly hanged herself in stall five of the women�s restroom. IT has been said that if one enters the stall after dark, her ghost will appear. There have also been reports of equipment being thrown off the stage during musical shows. To know for sure you must come see for yourself!!

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