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Egyptian Theater in Park City, Utah - - 2 Views
Theatres are often among the most reportedly haunted buildings. Like the actors on the stage, spirits revel in the attention of an audience. These haunted places hold spirits with desire for the dramatic, often terrifying and interfering with the world of the living. Just a thirty-minute drive from Salt Lake City, the Egyptian Theater is part of Park City’s historic main street. Opened in 1926, the theatre was built to replace the Park City Opera House lost in the fire of 1898 and the Dewey Theatre that had collapsed under the weight of snow in 1916. The Egyptian Theatre served as the center of arts and culture in this mountain mining town for decades and is still in operation today. Many still travel from Salt Lake City to take in a play or concert or view a Sundance film at the Egyptian Theatre.

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Strange & Scary Utah Stories of the Paranormal

Well-known for its picturesque landscapes, the great Salt Lake, and home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, Utah is also known as a hotbed of paranormal activity.  As a result, Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities along the Wasatch Front have no shortage of bizarre sightings and frightening hauntings. 

The Ghost of John Baptiste
One well-known ghost story refers to John Baptiste, one of Salt Lake City’s first known grave diggers during the 1800s.  Baptiste was known throughout town and lived comfortably in a modest two-room, though many locals thought perhaps he lived a little too comfortably.  In fact, after many years it was discovered that Baptiste had been stealing the clothing, jewelry, and other personal affects off the bodies he was tasked with burying. 

After Baptiste was tried and convicted, he was exiled to a remote island in the middle of the great Salt Lake. When officials later visited the island to check up on Baptiste, he had disappeared.  To this day, it’s unknown whether or not he perished or somehow escaped the island.  A number of locals have claimed to see ghost walking along the shores of the great lake, grasping a bundle of damp, rotting clothing. 

Promontory Point
Promontory Point, Utah is the spot where the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad were connected in 1869.  The two lines formed the famous Transcontinental Railroad which linked the eastern and western halves of the United States.  Since the massive project created numerous jobs, thousands of laborers from China came over to work.  One of the main workers’ camp that was located at Dove Creek is said to be haunted and a hotspot for paranormal activity.  There have been several reports of inexplicable lights, strange voices speaking in Chinese, and unexplainable footsteps.

The Bear Lake Monster
One of the strangest yet persistent “hauntings” of Utah is one that is allegedly located at Bear Lake.  This “Caribbean of the Rockies” located along the Utah-Idaho border is a popular outdoor recreation spot for boating, jet skiing, camping, and of course fishing.  But for nearly two hundred years, there have been a handful of reports of a strange creature that lurks beneath the surface.

The Shoshoni Indians that inhabited the area for centuries are said to be the first to have seen the creature – they describe it as serpent-like creature with short legs that would spurt water and occasionally crawl ashore. 

Such a legend would have surely been dismissed had it not been for the numerous other reports.  During the 1860s, a handful of highly regarded pioneer families claimed to have seen the creature, some while out fishing.  In 1874, another reputable pioneer, a wagon train captain, declared he saw the creature poke it’s head above the surface about 20 yards from shore.  A more recent sighting occurred in 1946 when a high-ranking Boy Scout executive gave such a detailed and substantial account of his encounter with the creature that it was difficult to dismiss.


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Our favorite haunted house in Utah is Nightmare on13th in Salt Lake City, Utah is 36,000 square feet of sheer TERROR like you have never experienced before. Featured as one of the scariest haunted houses in America by The Travel Channel. Visit them online at

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