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Andrew's Black Book

Back in late 2006 I worked at Netherworld. While I was there I began a sketchbook for ideas for haunts that I was having. The book over the years filled up and is now a published work.
  1. Another of over 300 pages taken from my black book. This one might not be included in the published work.
  2. This drawing was something I designed for the Hex House in Tulsa, OK. A suitcase in a closet would open and something would fall out. A pneumatic...
  3. My swamp bridge concept drawing began here in my book and later became a concept tutorial.
  4. This picture is part of ideas that I posted here in the forums. It too is in the book with eewie gooie spookiness effects.
  5. Here it is, the actual black book of haunting designs. It's freaking huge! Every page is filled with ideas and efects for haunted attractions.
  6. harvestman
  7. banshee
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