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Mr. Haunt
10-24-2009, 08:41 AM
Come to Minnesotas haunts and you just might get soaked! That has been the story all month, this I think has been a new record month for snow in October for us Minnesota people. I think we have had one weekend and just had some light drizzle on a Friday night. Out of all the pro haunts out here, two do not have hayrides. Because of the yucky weather I have been to only one haunt and the hayride was fun going through the muddy slop!!!

It looks like they are calling for rain yet this Friday as Halloween is the next day, I'm not sure how the haunts are holding out. Are they down on numbers and sales? Only time will tell if mother nature will play nice.

I am not sure what they will call for on Halloween, I hope it's nice so that I can haunt, we just need ONE DAY WITH NO RAIN OR THAT ICKY WORD THAT STARTS WITH "S"!

Mr. Haunt