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10-24-2009, 03:37 PM
This is just a note to thank all the incredible actors, staff, and management of Hacker House for such a warm welcome and a great night of haunting. Cliff Martin, one of my best friends anywhere, (in or out of haunting) runs one of the best casts I have seen. His haunt is awesome and gets better each year. His front end is ingenious this year. A 20 foot tree with a huge animated, smoke-belching, pumpkin monster atop of it. His pre-show sets a great mood.

As an added treat I also got to spend the evening with Stu McIntire, a veteran haunter and great friend, whom I haven't seen since the first HauntCon. Stu is a wonderful guy and he had a blast last night.

I suited up and worked the entrance of the crypt in the outdoor section of the haunt. A real treat that made my Halloween this year. It has been a few years since actually working a haunt, in costume.

The staff there is so nice I was really made to feel at home. I ended up doing some card magic sitting around after the show. Cliff's brother Mark is working the line with magic tricks, and we swapped some ideas last night sitting around backstage after the house closed.

If you are in the southwest Virginia or North Carolina area, be sure to get over to see Hacker House in Pilot Mtn, NC. It is a great show put on by great people. Tell Cliff Timmy sent you.


10-25-2009, 06:02 AM
I live in NC and have never been to HH Mostly because Im always working a haunt but I have herd lots of great things about the place. Thanx for the info.

10-26-2009, 07:48 AM
Hacker was awesome this year.

Krone def. call in your trip report on the Rot Line. I'd love to hear it in detail.