View Full Version : Aluminum Baseball Bat holder

10-24-2009, 11:27 PM
So...i'm looking for a way to construct a holder for my aluminum baseball bat, that I can wear on my back. Basically, so I don't have to worry about some ra-todd walking away with it throughout the night....any suggestions?

Strange...I can build all my slider gear, and anything else in our haunt...but just can't build a freakin' bat holder...amazing.

10-25-2009, 09:16 AM
How about the kind of holder used for arrows? A leather rustic one with a medieval design would look scary as you pulled the bat out of it over your head.

10-25-2009, 03:43 PM
I think I may have figured it out. I'm wearing a home made straight jacket, and want the leather straps on my back to be seen. So...my highest trap on my back (the one between my shoulders) should be the perfect location for a "U" bolt to be attatched. I think i'll drill out 2 holes for it to mount through, and attatch the plate, along with the bolts to the back. It's just the right size to keep the barrel of the bat from sliding through. Easy to reach, and easy to remove/replace with the holder. I'm going to work on that tonight, and i'll let ya'll know how it goes. Til then, throw some more ideas out there.