View Full Version : I Had So Much Fun Last Night!

Jim Warfield
10-25-2009, 09:12 AM
I did 29? front room routines that were not "routine" at all!
A real mix & match of numerous things I have said and done before with sometimes heavy modifications to suit the particulair audience looking at me at that moment, ad-libbing sometimes very heavilly...discovering some new things for later.
We saw a fair number of returning customers last night. Some of them had just been here a night or two ago!
One guy told my Wife that the previous time he was here, just a day or two ago that I had "scared" him!
I was just being myself! (But I guess that got That "job" done!!)
This strikes me so funny! I am not threatening any kind of physical action toward anyone at all and I certainly don't have any sort of costume I'm wearing....
"Hideous Genetic Mask" syndrome at work?
I heard so many gracious compliments last night too!
From old patrons 50 to 65 years old on down.
(It's not all about "the money", and really never has been.)
Seeing people of all ages looking at me at the ticket window or in the parking lot with all of that anticipation of fun upon their faces brings joy to my heart. They have been here before and had to come back. (not for revenge!!)