View Full Version : Blood Lake visited Darkwood Manor in Luray, VA

Haunts of Richmond
10-25-2009, 11:52 PM
A group of 16 of us from Blood Lake Haunted House in Richmond, VA decided to take the 2 hour trip up to Darkwood Manor tonight. For whatever reason, Virginia isn't known for being very haunt-centric (we're slowly trying to change that perception), but if there's a haunt to help lead the way for us, it's Darkwood Manor.

We had such a great time! The detailing was incredible and they had some really outstanding actors! The theme was an HP Lovecraft inspired adventure, which was really fun to watch unfold as you made your way through the attraction.

Cool side story, I was celebrating my birthday tonight, and the actors would call out my name in each room and around every corner.... Louis (the owner) even came out in costume and had the entire crowd sing me happy birthday while we waited in line. How awesome is that?!

Thanks to Louis and everyone at Darkwood Manor for being great hosts to your fellow haunters. You guys are amazing and inspiring!

- Ryan