View Full Version : Special Halloween Sale! Lasts through this Sunday!

10-27-2009, 08:38 AM
LIMITED TIME OFFER: Announcing the Halloween Sale! From today through Sunday, receive a special $75 discount on every mask we carry, including the NEW Zombie, NEW Demon, NEW Handsome Guy and pre-orders for the NEW Boss mask!

Any order placed through Sunday(November 1st) will receive a $75 discount off each mask they order. If you would like to place your order this week to receive the discount, please Pay Pal us the discounted price of your order plus the appropriate shipping charges to spfxmasks@aol.com. California residents please add 9.25% sales tax. Please include a description of what you are ordering on your invoice, and the promo code HALLOWEENSALE.

All hair and choppers teeth costs are additional, and they are not subject to the special discount. The discount is only applied to your mask. These masks will be delivered by the end of November with the exception of The Boss. The Boss masks are expected to start shipping in December.

Here is a short breakdown of prices for the NEW Masks for ordering purposes. The prices for our current line-up can be found on our website ordering page. The discounted price through Sunday for the mask is listed in parenthesis next to the regular price. Please remember to include the shipping and handling charges in your order ($30 domestic, $60 international).

The Boss: $689(SALE $614) plus shipping
Handsome Guy: $789(SALE $714) plus shipping
The Demon: $789(SALE $714) plus shipping
NEW Zombie: $689(SALE $614) for the mask, $160 for Choppers Teeth and shipping

Please email us at spfxmasks@aol.com if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you.