View Full Version : OCT. 27th And Finally Done !

10-27-2009, 03:42 PM
Sent out the last batch of orders today... These were the masks and props that were ordered by the customers who wanted the orders delivered by Oct. 31st

23 in all....

Took 10 orders just a week ago.... so yeah we were working pretty hard to fill these orders and ship them within 7 days

Ive been on vacation since last Saturday and I havent relaxed until now.... plenty of sleepless nights working till the end of days....
I AM GOING TO ENJOY A DRINK TONIGHT ( If I dont fall asleep first...lmfao 72 hours no 5 hours of sleep spread between the 72 hours )

I just wanted to say (( ~ Thank You ~ )) "SINCERELY"

Everyone has made this year Kick Ass

You have put us through the tests ~ We hope we have passed.... all of you seem pleased with your orders, my theory is ...

"If you hear nothing fom anyone - YOU ARE DOING GREAT !"

We took note this year that people LOVE costumes and masks.... we will continue working on these as well as other new items. We have just completed one of our new masks for 2010 its called


It is a lifecast of a rotten pigs head.... we will get pictures up when we return from Helloween ....

Untill then we leave you with a picture of ( a ) Pig Head.... use your imaginations.....LMFAO