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10-28-2009, 12:39 PM
I just got an email from the Battleship USS North Carolina. Last weekend's numbers were above projections. They were hoping for 1500 a night and surpassed that on both nights, including more than 2000 on Saturday. As the consultant, designer and actor trainer for the "Ghost Ship," I feel like a proud papa and am feeling a bit giddy.

Can't wait to see what this weekend does. They've already hired me back for next year.

I hope I don't sound too self-congratulatory, but this was the largest project I've ever worked on and so far it has been an amazing success. I'm going to go celebrate big-time after the season winds up...


Raycliff Manor
10-28-2009, 07:05 PM
Congratulations Badger! That is AWESOME! You definitely should be proud and celebrations are definitely in order my friend!


11-03-2009, 12:50 PM
The last night (Friday) they had to stop selling tickets at 9:30 due to crowds. Again they beat projections. Their big project is to repaint the ship this winter and they raised nearly half of the money needed to do so in just 4 nights.

I went to their wrap-up party last night and couldn't have been prouder as actor after actor came up and told me how much they enjoyed it and how they'll be back next year. The biggest problems they had were that they needed about 20 more volunteers a night and some actors working the queue lines. We'll be working on that for next year. Other ideas are to upgrade their website, coming up with a more detailed backstory, and changing a few routes to reduce backups.

And for the record, they had exactly 4 complaints. Only one of those people actually went through the haunt.

Just wait until next year...

11-03-2009, 11:06 PM
Congrats Badger!


11-04-2009, 09:31 AM
From one floating haunt to another: we wish you the best! :)

USS Nightmare