View Full Version : southeast haunt tour almost over

10-28-2009, 09:15 PM
My wife and I travel each year to as many haunts as we can. This year has been the best by far, reason being having a great baby sitter. It really sucks that it is almost over. This year we started out in Atlanta to see netherworld. Graystone and Atrox were our next trip, actually we have been to Graystone twice and Sunday will make it three times. Our last big trip was a 7 hour ride. We headed down to Louisiana last weekend. We only planned on visiting House of Shock and 13th Gate, but we ended up going to 2 other haunts. which was the mortuary and the asylahm haunted house. Working 50 hours a week, being a dad of two, and traveling a lot this month has really worn me out but it has been worth every minute. I want to thank all the owners of the haunts which was just about every one. You guys do such an amazing job for sure. It would be so hard to vote on which haunt was the best, but my personal 2 favorite were House of Shock and Graystone. I hope everyone has a great halloween.

10-29-2009, 08:11 AM
Thanks for the compliment and just to be mentioned with these other haunts is a real honor. Thanks for your support it makes it all the worth while for me! Shane and its Thanks Again! Shane this time!