View Full Version : PROOF before you PRINT

John Coen
10-30-2009, 07:29 PM
I went to five haunts this season. Three out of five had typos in their advertising that could or did cause problems that affect customer satisfaction. Here are the examples:

1. Haunt one offered a deal on their ticket stub saying that if I bring this stub back on another night I would get $200 off my ticket price! I definitely thought about returning!

2. Haunt two's website listed that they were open on Thursday-Saturdays 7:30-12:00. When I arrived at 10:15, after an hour's drive. the actors were walking out saying that they close at 10 p.m. on Thursdays. After complaining we were given $5 off which won't cover the gas expense to even return home.

3.Haunt three sent coupons around town that said "Bring this coupon for the $1.00 Combo admission". So I did and was denied the combo ticket because it was SUPPOSED to say $1.00 off.
Am I expected to pay for their mistake? I don't think so! I won't be back.

10-30-2009, 09:25 PM
I had one haunt who's website said they were open on Thursday, but after driving about 45 minutes, I found out they were closed. I wasn't very happy about that.

Jim Warfield
10-31-2009, 07:50 AM
But now need a webmaster to quickly change info.
This was a very tough season for most and I am sure before the monsoons people were expecting to maintain hours of operation as they had in past seasons only to find no patrons on those non-Friday-Sat. nights.
I once got tremendous and goofy typos on alot of flyers. It was not my mistake, the printer waited til the absolute Last moment to print and deliver them, drove away before I opened the box, yes I was mad!
"The computer made those typos."
""And what exactly is your computer? A three-year old inside a cardboard box?"
"Crap "IN"--Crap Out!"
" Need another crayon Billy?"
"Naw, this one purple, tastes good!"
This was also the printing co. that would double bill me constantly..I wonder how they paid for that fancy new building? (Other customers who didn't catch the double-bill?)

I have fought forces of friendly persuasion for 21 years to maintain my set hours of being availble for customers.
"It's cold, winter, supposed to snow, let's close and go to a movie."
Come home at 10pm and and a line of bitchy customers stand freezing on the doorstep!
"Where you been?"
"Let's be closed on Mondays." Didn't work.
Let's be closed on Tuesdays, nobody ever comes here then." Didn't work
Wednesdays? Same story. Pick a night, then we see people arriving....