View Full Version : Big thanks to Talon Falls

11-01-2009, 01:05 PM
Not having a haunted house during Halloween season sucks! The one good thing is you get to check out other haunts in full operation. We had some business to attend to in St. Louis so we headed up that way last Wed. On the way I planned a stop in Melber, Kentucky to visit a haunt I had seen online. The name of the haunt is The Evil Community of Talon Falls. We were out in the middle of nowhere and the wife and Patrick were giving me this you have to be kidding me look as we made our way to the haunt. We turned off of the highway and almost hit two deer standing in the middle of the road. The drive up to the haunt is nothing but farm country and it made the trip alittle eerie. We pulled up the drive and were blown away by the first thing you see, which is the victorian looking mansion for their Dead End haunted house. We walked up to purchase our tickets and ask for the owner. The nice lady working the booth explained that Todd Ferren was the owner and that he was busy inside the haunt but to ask for him when we got closer to the front of the haunts. We worked our way around and talked to several of the crew and cast as we snaked around the que. Looking up we noticed another awesome looking facade, this one more of a castle-church-crypt looking building and it was huge! The detail was outstanding, there was a crypt with a movie screen between the two haunts that was very impressive. Talking to the cast and crew on our way to the front of the line was a riot, we were very impressed with the costuming and characters roaming the lines and the workers were in shock people from Alabama had come up to see their show. We entered Talon Falls and all I can say is wow! There were several different parts to the show, hot vampire chicks, a hillbilly section, an asylum, clowns, pirates, etc and all were very well done. The sets were outstanding, there was a mixture of indoor and outdoor scenes, buses, vehicles, animations, props, etc. They had a really good peppers ghost illusion in the asylum part of the show that I really liked. We made our way out of the Talon Falls haunt and checked the length which was 30 minutes. After walking out we headed up to The Dead End haunt which had a haunted mansion feel and look to it. The majority of this haunt is indoors and was alot of fun. It also had lots of detail and good actors. After exiting we went up to the merchandise building and asked for Todd. He walked over and we had a nice talk about his show. He explained that he was shooting a commercial, and that there was also a production crew their shooting a seperate movie. Todd walked us around and gave us a behind the scenes look before he had to get back to the film crews. I just want to say thanks to Todd and his crew for a great evening! This haunt is one of the best I have ever seen and they have a first class show and operation.