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11-01-2009, 01:27 PM
After leaving Kentucky we headed up to Kansas City to check out as many of the haunts there that we could. We were only able to see The Beast and Macabre Cinema before we had to leave. The next day we rode over to St. Louis to visit The Darkness and Creepyworld. We had a chance to visit with Jim at The Darkness before they opened. I also got to say hi to Patti and finally got to meet Lauren face to face which was pretty exciting. We got in right away and had tons of fun looking at all of the great detail in the haunts and watching the other customers jump as we walked through. The Darkness had some very talented actors who seemed to come from nowhere and were very good at their scares. After we exited we checked out the museum for a few minutes, peeked in a window and watched a couple of guys building something in their shop, and then headed out to Creepyworld. When we arrived at Creepyworld I asked for Larry but he has ran out to do something so we missed seeing him. After waiting in line for a bit we got to tour the first haunt, Ravens Mansion. This haunt is a series of trailers as well as outdoor scenes and buildings that were very well done. The actors in all of the haunts at Creepyworld had a ton of energy and flew all over the place. The Dominion of the Vampire was next and it was really cool to see as well. The hayride was fun and then Silo-X entertaining as well. We had a group of kids in front of us and I had alot of fun watching them get scared. All three of us liked the set up of Creepyworld alot and thought it was a great show. I spoke to Larry the next evening and he explained that Creepyworld had flooded and that all of the lights, effects, etc were not running when we went through, which was kind of shocking because even though it was not 100% it was still outstanding. Just wanted to say thanks to The Darkness and Creepworld for their hospitality. We had a great time!

Fear Unfathomed
11-01-2009, 02:13 PM
Cody, I am so glad I got see you too!! I wish you could have stopped back by the actor's room or something because I wanted to chat a little more. I was asking for your whereabouts later on but nobody knew if you had left or were still here. :-(
But glad we got to finally meet!
And I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

P.S. Watch out, Shane... lol