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11-01-2009, 02:34 PM
Greeting my friends of the Haunted House community!

Hells Gate 2009 had its final night last night...
what more can i say, then wow! i feel like i haven't had a full night sleep in the last 8 months. between constuction and operation. the world may never know what all goes into these haunted houses, but my goal in life will be to let them all know!

what we did this year, was in my opinion earth shattering. everybody that left our haunted house said we were better than any other haunted house they have been to. We felt like the other haunts in town were gonna completely steal all of our attendance, but it was the opposite.

This year has been the most amazing experience of my life. Starting a business with 40 employees, and running this commercial haunted house at the age of 17, i couldnt be happier. But now that this year is coming to an end, im trying to decide what we can do to keep our love for halloween going all year long.


this is just a short reaction video, our video production manager put together yesterday to get our actors excited for the last night. he is in the process of producing a full telvision show, and also considering shooting a movie at our place.

11-01-2009, 03:18 PM
video isn't working. Congratulations though!

The Mad Hatter
11-01-2009, 11:42 PM
Seems like you have had some fun this year. I wish you the best of luck next year. I am glad you have had many happy customers as seen in the video you have shared with us..... But Haunted Attraction owners cannot take customers complements seriously... Even a black wall maze with shitty actors is epic to some people. Some customers have nothing to compare haunted houses to, so they do not understand the full complexity that they can be..... You need to show us a full length walk through video of your haunted attraction to back up what your customers say. I am very sure your haunt is good and one of the best ones in your region if not the best. And at your age what you have been doing is very impressive. You have learned alot, and will continue to learn much more in the future.

I will give you advice though, I would tone things down a bit on your behalf. Don't tell members on this forum how good your haunted Attraction is, let them tell you. It is best to keep mouth shut and listen, or you may end up developing an ego. I mean no offense to you. You remind me of myself, we will get along fine if we meet.

I will tell you something else... I thought my HOME haunted house was great and wonderful but when I started helping Bruce with THE REIGN OF TERROR I learned there is alot more to it. I went from thinking my home haunt as "EARTH SHATTERING", to thinking Bruces Haunted Attraction was "EARTH SHATTERING" and now to realizing Bruces and my haunted Attraction is a compete piece of shit. There is so much to learn Nick, and I have just began to realize this.

-Frank Balzer