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Jim Warfield
11-08-2009, 10:27 AM
Several actors here have really matured and gained much self-confidence this year and this is Wonderfull (And Highly Amusing!!!!)
Last night toward the end of the night I got to be behind the scenes and listen to what was going on. I was very happilly impressed!
A few nights ago another actor surprised everyone here by coming out of his shell and Wowing everyone with his comic impersonation of a dead celebrity.
Screaming,Laughing all through the house was the sealed fate of those patrons!!
Some people get face cramps from smiling and laughing non-stop for such extended periods of time and beg us to "Stop"!
(but we usually cruelly continue their punishments!)

11-09-2009, 12:33 PM
I can understand how rewarding that is, the beginning of this year we opened a completely new haunt and had fistfulls of newbies to train. I was so proud walking through at the end of the season and seeing how much they had dedicated themselves to their newfound passion. From beginning to think up and create their own costumes, to doing their own makeup each night, to rearranging scares for a better impact they all grew tremendously through out the season.

I remember thinking at the beginning of the season how much work i was going to be doing each night from running our costume room getting them in makeup and putting them in their places. By the end of the second weekend they were dabbeling in latex and skin tite and learning prosthetics and were no trouble at all once it came to getting in costume.

It was awesome to work in scenes with new actors every night and have them grill me over and over again on methods of scaring, how to pick targets and asking my opinion of their acting and how they can make it better. By the end of the season i would get to the haunt around 2 or three hours early to get in costume and work on makeup and there would already be scads of them there starting makeup and getting ready.

It was gratifying and made me really happy to be a haunter.

Rotting Flesh Radio

11-09-2009, 01:45 PM
I love getting to train kids. I have worked with young actors for years (most starting at 14), and it is amazing to see that they take the lessons you teach them and just run with them. I had several of the "kids" that I trained over 5 years ago tell me how much they appreciated the tricks of the trade that I taught them.