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11-11-2009, 01:58 PM
Here is what is going on around here...

1) Hauntworld was clearly the #1 haunted house website on the web this year so much so that my servers kicked out over 40% of the incoming traffic on certain nights. There was NO WAY I could have expected our traffic would DOUBLE actually almost TRIPLE from last year to this year. I know I know I have had this problem year after year after year... last year all of September was ruined we fixed it for October with a bigger server. It worked fine!

This year comes and September was clipping the scales and then came October and well our server crashed over and over again... I tried to upgrade to a new server but it was taking way to long so what we had to do was shut off all of our sites buy HW yeah that means HHO as well.

We could have sent everyone tons more traffic but my servers could not hold up to the unreal amount of traffic ... it was just overloaded.

So this is the last time I say this but... it causes me way too much stress to worry about this every single Friday and Saturday in October when I should be focused on my haunts I'm actually working on getting HW back online and running late to my own haunts every weekend. This is my last attempt to do this and if it goes down again next October I will discontinue my haunt directory. The money isn't enough for me to lose sleep, stress out to the point I can't breath sometimes worriing about.

Really I would give up all the funds everything because after I pay for all the services, net fees, commissions, upgrades, graphics whatever I really don't make much if any money... or atleast not enough to sit around screaming at all these different people wondering why the servers won't work, blah, blah.

I am done with it...

I'm taking a real risk here but the Hauntworld server was upgraded to a MEGA server that can handle 6 TIMES the traffic as before, now I actually have FOUR HUGE servers working together, splitting data bases to different servers its just so complicated. This will cost me THOUSANDS we are talking TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for a year...

I had to buy new programs, pay microsoft fees for upgraded sql server programs you name it...

Our site allows users more controls, more features, more everything and the customers LOVE IT... they love our site more than any other I get the emails from people. But it has to work all the time...

Hauntworld is right now being moved to this new server so things might stop working for an hour a day, whatever...

Some will say why not just upgrade to a server like this for the month... YOU CAN NOT DO THAT...its all year or nothing. To get what I needed one major server company bid the thing out at like $3,500.00 per month. I almost got sick and puked... I'm not paying that much but its very expensive.

So here it goes... I won't pay more than what I'm paying now for servers because I don't feel our customers (haunt owners) want to pay more than they pay now, so basically it would come out of my pocket to run this site plus all the added stress....

A zillion people email me asking me to change their info, update this or delete that...

I also get ZILLIONS of phone calls asking me for YOUR haunts hours, what time you open, if its better than last year... and I'm like I don't own that haunted house but they still call me, email me, whatever. Its a lot!

So if you see things go off... this is why!

This site should FLY LIKE a Humming bird once its on this new server screaming fast... what it will do in october that remains to be seen. All I know is I'm paying FIVE TIMES more than before to run this site so it better work, otherwise I'm done trying.

I can't afford to pay $40,000 per year no way!

So here it goes...

Sorry the forums was out but that is what caused it!

I'll let you know when Hauntworld is on the new server! Next year I would expect Hauntworld always working fast as bullets as the server is now the biggest most expensive one I can personally afford!


11-11-2009, 06:29 PM
Larry, I know it's not easy and all your hard work is appreciated.

At times like this I always try to remember things could always be worse. You could own youtube. I still don't think it has shown a profit, and they can't add servers fast enough to keep up with all the stuff people are posting. I heard their electric bill is $500,000 a month just to keep all that computer equipment going.

11-11-2009, 06:38 PM
Dude... all you need is a colo.

Or Amazon EC2

You can scale up during peak months with zero headaches.

11-12-2009, 02:53 PM
I would love to do that really but I can't ... I need a sequel sever standard edition, I need cold fusion 9 installed on the server, because our site is makes dynamic calls to the server... most of these shared servers do not have cold fusion installed on them nor would they offer you a standard edition of microsoft sequel server which I have to have.

If you know of one that does let me know. I'd love to know about it.


Haunted Illinois
11-12-2009, 06:20 PM

I know that your site must get the most traffic; however, there was an ad placed in another industry magazine, claiming that HauntedHouse.com gets 5 times more effective visitors than Hauntworld.com.

The sad part is, in the ad, they don't site the source of said traffic, so people can check the facts.

First of all, how do you respond to this?

Secondly, can you settle the matter, once and for all, by posting the actual comparitive figures and siting your source, so everyone can see which site really gets more traffic? It really pisses me off when people make false claims and they can't back it up with facts!


11-12-2009, 07:12 PM

I don't want to comment on that to much because I have turned that over to my attorney. They can't back up those claims because they are unfounded... I believe but not positive that Steve loves to use a site called Compete.com or Alexa.com to compare sites. And even Compete.com will show you that HW and HH are not far off in traffic but when you combine hho and hw we beat hh.com. The fact is compete.com is not accurate and anyone who knows their traffic can check compete.com and then know their traffic and what this site claims is not the same.

What I have found is that compete.com gives about a 3rd lower stats than is actually the case almost across the board...so it gives some ideas. However people can cheat the system but getting my friends including themselves to download their toolbar. If you have the toolbar on your browser which fyi I do not... then you give compete or alexa spyware capacity to track your movement around the web which will increase a smaller sites traffic by a TON of boost but will hardly change the ranking of say YAHOO.

One, two, ten peopel can make a heap of difference if you download their toolbars... so download them download alexa.com and compete.com tool bars and where you go on the web including your very own site will bump their ratings so to speak on those respective sites. Do they in the end mean anything not really...

Because the are not accurate...however just looking at compete.com right now it shows visits for HH.com at 460, Hauntworld at 386 and HauntedHouseOnline at 154 which equates our two main sites at 540 which is MORE than hh.com.

Even at that hh.com vs. hw.com is so close how does he figure 5 times bigger... that is an unfounded ad, meant to damage our business which we'll address directly with that company in the near future.

But I think we all know its not true... I will say though we could have almost DOUBLED our traffic this year and I'm very depressed about that and wish very much so our server would have been up to the unreal amount of requests.

We had about 1.2 million successful hits or so ...I'll have to look but the requests are well over 2 million and more. On Halloween alone the site had over 100,000 plus requests and it couldn't not handle it.

Like I said the STRESS of it all is too much for me these days... I'm not looking to fight with anyone, I'm not looking to be the person everyone beats up on when something goes wrong, I simply want to run my haunted houses and hang out with my kids.

My kids got older and everytime I turn around its soccer this, baseball that, basketball tonight, school work, or this or that... they take up most of my time now.

Speaking of stats... here is an interesting one... check out this one...

IAHAweb.com so compete claims that site had less than 1500 visits in October and HauntedHouseAssociation.org had over 20,000, now if you go that times three you come up with 60,000 HHA and 4500 for IAHA.

I'm going to look up the stats on my server and I'll report back. I don't have google on HHA and the google isn't 110% accurate.

Bottom line those claims are NOT true... we all know that.