View Full Version : Cover Art For New Virgil CD's

02-03-2007, 04:49 PM
Just to here show off the cover art for my two newest CDs for 2007.

See you all at Transworld; booth 415!

'Knights of the Lyte: Curse of the Killer Pumpkins' (Coming 2007)
Enjoy Virgil's newest musical wizardry inspired by John Pelicos on-line graphic novel,
Knights of the Lyte: Curse of the Killer Pumpkins.
Virgil's masterful orchestrations will take you on a sonic journey to a
time that surpasses all human understanding. A time when warlocks and
witches roamed the earth and where the Dark Lords of Athana wait in
anticipation to unleash the 13th Prophecy to unlock the gates of hell.
The soundtrack will feature a collection of medieval arrangements
composed and performed by the Master of the Ethermuse himself.

'Night Sins' (Coming 2007)
Cursed to dwell in darkness, never knowing the warmth of day, the children of the night
awake to live out their lives as only the curse will allow them. Influenced by the "Guardian"
series of author, friend and fellow Hoosier Ruby Moon-Houldson, Virgil leads you into the
world of the modern-day vampire with his soundtrack "Night Sins".