View Full Version : Fun, Funny customers Today!

Jim Warfield
11-16-2009, 02:00 AM
This Sunday afternoon just one couple came here to see the house.(Nice cool-down from the night before)
She was nervous, never been to a haunted house before, he said that he had been here before.
She suddenly became fairly much like a timid little girl in the front room, which was sort of unexpected just looking at her personal demeanor and body language and facial expressions before the lights went into my greedy control and darkness surrounded them.
Then...he began saying some fearfull statements too and expressed fear !?
Later when faced with moving their bodies through unchartered waters with unexpected potential psychological dangers possibly around each new turn..he began expressing even more trepidation.
"I'm afraid, you go first", she said.
"I'm afraid too!" Was his unexpected reply!? (Sounding very genuine too!)
At the end of the tour he said that he has been coming through my house since he was 10 years old! (And he was here just 3 or 4 years ago)
He then expressed his appreciation for me still doing this after all of these years..but he seemed so afraid, on edge, even during the ordeal of going through my house!
"Cheap thrills just keep gettn harder to find!" ?
Of all the returning customers and fans this was sort of a unusual time for me, all things considered.

11-16-2009, 10:23 AM
Repeat business is good, even if it takes a few years to come back. If their fear was genuine, that's great. He may have remembered fearful feelings of going through as a boy, and it heightened his nervousness as an adult.

Regarding the woman never having gone through a haunt before, I can see that she'd be afraid, not knowing what to expect. Even the most butch woman can turn into a blubbering pile of goo when confronting true fear.

Sounds like you really make an impression. I'd love to get out your way and visit. Where's my planner... ?...?