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11-18-2009, 10:13 PM
I have to say IAAPA was a very cool show. Things of note that I saw or heard:

Saw the new distortions pieces which were pretty cool.

Scarefactory is offering several turn key haunts for tents with a facade.

The people at the Transworld stand said they will NOT be charging a registration fee unless it is really late and it will be $20 for late registration.

The best thing we saw were hand held fog machines. There was one the size of a flashlight and the other fit in the palm of your hand. They did not get hot and worked very well.

11-18-2009, 10:45 PM
What can you tell us about the turn key haunts from Scarefactory? Content/pricing?????

Allen H
11-18-2009, 11:27 PM
Which company had the mini fog machines, and were they less than $1200?

Jim Warfield
11-19-2009, 01:44 AM
Yrs. ago, made in Germany? either $800-$1200?
For a price like that I could try to hypnotise them into seeing fog first.
It might work a fair percentage of the time.
A youngster like myself has to sell alot of newspapers and Kool-Aid to make those kinds of bucks! (And I need $ for Hershey bars and wax lips too!)

11-19-2009, 07:28 AM
Yeah, look solutions from Germany was the only one I can think of.

11-19-2009, 11:21 AM
The Scarefactory turn keys he said were kind of in their infant stages and I don't want to miss quote anything. What I can say is the haunt he was showing me was a tent haunt full of animatronics that looked very impressive. Once you become a member of his program you can opt to switch haunts with someone else who is a member to keep things fresh. He said he will have some more info soon in print form.

11-19-2009, 11:58 AM
Which company had the mini fog machines, and were they less than $1200?

More details about this please?

Mike Honcho
11-19-2009, 08:37 PM
Anyone at LAX tonight ?

11-23-2009, 12:16 PM
I went to IAAPA and will be posting a full review with photos later tonight and on our blog...

I've been to something like 15 straight IAAPA shows and have seen the show change drastically over those years. It was fun being in Vegas I won $410 playing poker, and 200 on some silly slots. I went to Binions the home of the original World Series of Poker and got into a tournament and fnished forth. That was fun!

Went to see a Circ show at TI... and well tourned the show itself. The show was really about the same as last year not much different. I don't even think I saw something new that I didn't see last year.

For me not very interesting however if you had never gone you would have been in heaven because there was just so many booths to see, so many products being offered. I think for haunters it might be something you should see every two or three years but something you must experience.

There where not many haunt owners there but there were a few... not a ton of haunter vendor booths but there was some the main focus is not haunts but amusement in general. Make sure you go next year!