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11-20-2009, 11:54 PM
Halloween may be over as far as most of the world is concerned, but not for the horror, haunted house and Halloween industries. We're 10/31, 24/7. To help jump-start planning for the 2010 season (and to reduce the last minute rush!), Sinister Visions inc. is offering 10% OFF any and every project price quote in November!

All you have to do is get your 50% deposit paid before November ends to take advantage of this offer. This offer extends to the Horrid Orphans (http://www.sinistervisions.com/orphans.html) (Contact Chad Savage (http://www.sinistervisions.com/contact.html) to arrange for the discounted price), as well as any price quote given in the past 6 months.

Contact Chad Savage (http://www.sinistervisions.com/contact.html) about your logo, art or website needs to get a quote and get the jump on next season!

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Current in-progress projects are not eligible.


In one of those "I can't believe I haven't thought to do this already" moments, I've added a page of recommended print vendors to the website. Visit http://www.sinistervisions.com/services/vendors.html to see a list of printers with whom Sinister Visions has worked, and for whom Sinister Visions will vouch. This list will grow as new printers are discovered/prove themselves.

On that subject - if you have a printer/embroiderer/whatever that you'd recommend, please do by posting that vendor's info in reply here!