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Kelly Anderson
11-22-2009, 10:07 AM
Made the trip to Jim Warfield’s Ravins Grin Inn.

UNREAL!! I made the trip with some other members from our haunt. A little treat for us now that our haunt season has winded down for a short time. The best trip I’ve taken in a while. The things this guy has done in his haunt is truly amazing! I don’t know if he is crazy, or what…..But he gave us the most kick ass experience we could have hoped for!!! I was so pumped for this trip as I had been planning it for a few months. I knew it was going to be good…..but I had no idea…

Right from the get-go. Just pulling up to the place we were wondering what we were getting ourselves into. The fist room was great!! I didn’t know I was going to laugh as hard as I did. And when he got me good, the rest of my group was laughing there ass off cause finally somebody made me jump about out of my shoes.

Some of the littlest, simplest things can have quite a story behind them. He had one girl thinking she was going to loose her finger!! She was still about petrified even in the car ride home! All the different passages around this place was so cool. Very creative scare tactics. The overall sight of the place with all the props made it really feel you were someplace you didn’t think you should be, but always with tons of humor to go with it.

I highly recommend taking the trip as I will definitely be back again. Thanks Jim


11-22-2009, 12:47 PM
Been there, done that and would love to do it again. Jim is the hart and soul of that house and I don't think there is a person alive that could do what he does, a true showman and like you I also highly recommend it. Open all year too, making it easy for haunters to see this gem.

Jim Warfield
11-23-2009, 11:37 AM
All done for very personally selffish reasons, you know..when my customers have fun...so do I!
Having one's work of the last 22 years appreciated is quite nice too!
Thank you both.

Kelly Anderson
11-24-2009, 08:44 AM
Living your dream!! I know theres hundreds of people here including myself that would love to do what you do, for very selfish reasons of course, HA. However, I dont think very many people can. Your definatley an insperation to myself and many others I'm sure.

One thing though...Your haunt has got to be the only place Ive been where the actor can laugh his ass off just as much as the patrons going through it. Any place else they would probably get scolded for coming out of character. I can trully tell you love what your doing....You ROCK!!

11-24-2009, 09:54 AM
I need to make it there one of these days since it isn't that far of a drive from me.