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11-24-2009, 02:12 PM
To the Haunted House Association board, I am in the process of getting all of the WNY haunters together and would like to start a MAJOR regional HHA/America Haunts PR campaign initiative. I know I have Jim Hughes, Greg Hinaman(also his entire team), John Kolosek(making the website), Shane Estelle, Jay Milligan and if Matt Colton reads this, I know you wont be doing your own haunt for a while but, you and your best friends have that awesome group Armageddon Project so I was thinking we could collaborate on a haunted house at the brand new Transit to Terror? Currently there is uncertainty about Eerie Productions, Immortal Entertainment and Darien Lake(None of us have ever talked to them about this sort of thing before). I trust that they are good business people who are open to projects like this. If any of you have anything to comment on about us WNY Haunters then post whatever you have to say about us or this project here.

11-24-2009, 02:32 PM
Wow it is nice to see Haunters starting a push in my old home town region.
I always thought Buffalo had some great spots that would make great haunts.
I know of one hayride I use to work at a long long time ago when I was a teenager.
not sure if the gentleman who runs it would be interested or if he already uses these boards but it never hurts to ask.
I hope you guys do great up there and who knows maybe one year when I make it back that way to visit family and firneds I can swing it in october and do a haunt crawl.

I always thought the old Central Train Terminal would make an insane haunt I understand they are doing ghost hunting tours there these days but wow that place would look great restored some. um any way I am geting off track I look forward to hopfully seeing updates and a large group of you guys band together.

11-24-2009, 03:16 PM
This is great to see Mike and this is exactly what the HHA is looking for, haunters putting differences aside and working together for the greater good. Currently, we are looking for some experienced and motivated haunters to serve on the board for the HHA. If any in your group is interested and has 5 years professional experience we'd love to hear from you... Best of luck on this WNY haunters initiative as well!

Great idea!

Allan Bennett

11-24-2009, 06:46 PM
Right now, Martin's Fantasy Island is a total negative and Darien Lake's Fright Fest is to stay intact and we have Frightworld, House of Horrors and Dark Raven Manor standing as of this year. Then, we have two farms doing haunts and at least one high end home haunt, here in Erie County. We have a good base market and way too many people staying home because "America Haunts told me I would s*** my pants if I went to any because they are so scary!". So what is a good businessman to do about such a problem? We will show our market through professionally made, local shows that scare isn't everything. I'm sick of seeing you America Haunts owners shifting personality to a sick, twisted, vile person because you think it will get you attendance! Why don't we just tell the people that we are venues of entertainment, not crippling terror? We in Erie county also have to improve upon existing attractions like Nightmare Hayrides and Fright Fest to turn WNY into a seasonal entertainment power also, part of the plan. We have so much good talent here that haunts like these who haven't even touched on world class, degrade from our overall quality but, I am in contact with all haunts and the topic of physically working/building together to produce WORLD CLASS venues!