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12-01-2009, 07:11 AM
Does anyone use these? Are they a good product? I am looking into adding one to the back of our building t o expand our attraction, however I am having a hard time getting an idea of exactly how they work. Can I paint the interior, or screw things into the walls? I have been trying to get some pictures of the units set up and running, but what is on the website dosnt really help give you an idea of what they look like. Does anyone who used these have a link to any photo's, and maybe some thoughs on the quality of these units!

12-01-2009, 07:43 AM

You can email me with any questions you have at allan@bennettscurse.com I've used them for years, as add on dark mazes and even had Larry's guys paint one in 3D years ago.


freak 'n' stein
12-01-2009, 07:43 AM
I can't justify the $11,000 price tag for what you get. I went to the site last night and apparently they are making improvements on the current structures. Even buying a used $8,000 unit WITHOUT a warranty seems a bit foolish to me when I saw a complete themed, 18 room haunted attraction listed for $16,000 on "Hauntrepreneurs". They inflate with air, so screwing things to the wall would be a NEGATIVE. To attach things to walls they have "D" rings. I presented the idea of buying a unit to my team a few months ago and their reaction was "for $11,000 we could build one hell of an add-on our selves". As for the quality of the units, I've heard they are excellent. When I was in California one of my neighbors helped with the design of the first scair structures and spoke highly of them. Best of luck to you Justin!