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Allen H
12-06-2009, 09:28 PM
Could you please answer these questions for me. Im trying to figure something out, but many might find this useful

How many actors do you have per attraction? average if you have a multiple attraction venue.

Do you use masks or make-up? If it is a mix is it a mask heavy mix or a make-up heavy mix.

Thanks, I really appreciate as many responses as possible.
Allen H

freak 'n' stein
12-06-2009, 11:35 PM
We have about 27-30 actors, including tour guides/que ent.

2009 relied on masks a bit more than we wanted, however, with a masks it allowed us to run multiple scares with the same actors on slow nights because of the quick change aspect. We did have make up for our main characters. This season we plan on nixing the masks and going airbrush for regular actors and silicone for main characters.

12-07-2009, 09:09 AM

Our haunted hayride runs at its peak with 75 actors, and we use a 50-50 blend of masks and make-up. Sinister Circus runs on 12 actors all masked, and Carsins Manor, our haunted maze runs on 35+/- total and about 10-15 of those are kids in the orphanage. Haunted maze uses 50/50 masks/make-up.

For us, make-up works the best for victims and in the best-lit areas in the walk-thru haunts. If an actor is not well lit with make-up on, I feel like you need something to off-set their silhouette in the dark... Make-up often did not have the impact of masks on our hayride when characters were in dimly lit areas in between sets... Of course, silicone masks were a smashing success...

12-07-2009, 12:36 PM
Hey, Allen!!!

well, we have 2 haunts. haunt 1 has 10 actors in it and we use make-up 100% in this haunt.

now, Haunt 2 has about 25 actors in it and we use about 90% masks and 10% make-up.

the reson for this you say?? well hanut 1 is short and hanut 2 is very long.

hanut 1 has lighting and so we want to put better "faces" in there and it's in doors. hanut 2 is out doors and most of the hanut is dark. the only times we have make-up for the actors is when they are doing chainsaws and when a actor plays the doctor. we try do make it 50-50 on both hanuts but time and money makes a point..when you have 35 actors very night we are open.


12-08-2009, 08:16 AM

We had a range of 30-60 actors depending on the night for our one haunt. Main characters in room wore some masks and silicone. I would say we were most heavy though on the airbrush and accessories mix. For example, like for me, I had a full mask to use for my room/Que line most of the time. But to break it up toward the end, we used airbrushing with large bubble paper to create large zits with plastic worms attached to the zits and me. We would use a lot of "props accessories" and attach to the actor to incorporate the room or area they would be in. We would use moss, dental floss, toothpaste....