View Full Version : End of the year Costume Sale!

12-11-2009, 12:51 AM

Just wanted to remind everyone of the discounts we are offering through the end of the year. We won't be offering these discounts next year so shoot me PM if you're interested in placing an order. We are offering somewhere in the neighborhood of %15 to %20 off. Catch me on a good day and it may be more ;)

Head over to our youtube page to check out the costumes! http://www.youtube.com/user/SpookyWoodsFX

Also, a few things we have been working on.
The first is double reinforcement of the knee area.

The second is a new paint mix which will be much more durable. Thanks to Jeff of Death Studios we have just started using the new mix. For the most part I have always created the paint starting with a latex paint base, adding slip latex and acrylic tint. Now, we order the paint base made specifically for painting cast latex.
(Thanks Jeff!)

Most of you already know by now that we have stopped making the spandex/latex gloves. They are all latex now.

We have also just switched the 'black out' hoods to a looser mesh for greater visibility in dark areas and you can order the hoods with or without a face area. The most important function of the hood is to cover the exposed hair and neck of the actor so it's an important part of the costumes.

We hope you all have a GREAT holiday season!