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12-13-2009, 01:36 PM
I know the seasons just about ten months away, but I cant stop thinking about a costume for next year.

Im currently saving up to buy a CFX mask that I fell in love with the second I saw the picture.

I just finished my first season of acting and I feel like this mask will just take me to the next level.




I work at a 3 house haunt and we have a large variety of rooms.

Im looking to create a few costumes with this mask so Im able to work in different rooms and look fitting for each room.

So far all I've got is a butler type character where I'd get a tuxedo, bloody it up and mabye a top hat with a cane? Which would be fitting for the front rooms in 2 of our houses.

Any ideas that you guys have would be great, I'm saving up alot of money for any type of costume.

Allen H
12-13-2009, 05:46 PM
What are the themes of the three houses, a voo-doo witch doctor could be done with him but it might not fit. Help us help you.
Allen H

12-13-2009, 09:04 PM
This year we are replacing our asylum haunt so I am unsure of one untill probably july.

The other 2 houses, House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs have slightly random themes.

House of Horrors is more of a house of the dead feeling with your bed rooms, dining room, living room, kitchen and a that jazz that breaks into a jungle, a temple and a crypt.

Haunted Catacombs starts out the same but has a huge front room in which guests travel upstairs and then into a big library maze room. After those 2 rooms we have a few house like scences and then into a egyptial hallway, a mirror maze, tunnels, black light door maze and then into a huge graveyard scence. In that scence we have a butcher shop, a hilbilly house, a mousloeum and the rest is a very foggy graveyard and cemetary feeling.

I was told were doing completly new layouts this year so we'll probably add alot more to the houses.

I prefer being in a "house environment" or a cemetary more than anything.

I love playing a zombie like character that puts on a physical show.

12-14-2009, 08:41 AM
Since it's a generic human character, you could do anything with it! You could add hats -like you said- ,maybe even wigs and different accesories to change it up!
Nice mask! It could work as a well dressed character or in rags as a 'fresh out of the dirt' character..

Allen H
12-14-2009, 09:30 AM
Try giving him an occupation and go from there. I find personalities can come from that.
Try jobs like
Garbage man
maintenance man

These could lead to some fun characters, good luck
Allen H

12-14-2009, 09:05 PM
Maintenance man might be perfect for me, its my off-haunt season job at my local supermarket.

All I would need for that is a simple jump suit, cover it up in some cfx blood and grab a mop drenched in blood.

Banshee you just reminded me of our icon charater that was used for advertising years back. It would be a very fitting costume to just come in rags amd go into one of our cemetary scenes. I wouldnt look exactly the same but it'd be pretty close.

Im really liking the idea of maintenance man now, I know we'll be saving our bathroom set from our asylum house so this idea would work out perfect. I'm already thinking of lines I could throw at guests.

Any ideas that you guys have just keep throwing them out there. Im looking to have at least 3 or 4 costumes for this mask so any input would be of great help.

Dr. Giggles
12-14-2009, 10:11 PM
Retired army vet whos lost it.
I did a character like that to relatively good effect, if you want you can add a side arm for intimidation. But i had mine built into a holster, completely fake and impossible to pull out. Though it wasn't really noticed. And be careful how you do this, dont threaten people with it, or even touch it if you can. I just thought it added an extra dimension.

Jim Warfield
12-15-2009, 08:33 AM
Your faux gun! Good advice.
I had a large sign painted right on the wall itself:"Don't touch anything, not even yourself!"
(Unless you have a slip from your Doctor. I know MY Doctor won't give you one, I asked!))

Allen H
12-15-2009, 08:56 AM
I suppose I am overly cautious , but I would steer clear of a undead veteran while we are still losing so many troops overseas. That is just my opinion mind you, Im sure many are fine with it.
Allen H

12-15-2009, 02:14 PM
I suppose I am overly cautious , but I would steer clear of a undead veteran while we are still losing so many troops overseas. That is just my opinion mind you, Im sure many are fine with it.
Allen H

I agree..too sensitive of a subject. More so now with Fort Hood.

Allen H
12-15-2009, 02:35 PM
How about a zombie cowboy? Is that to off theme for you? I picture a long duster and a tattered cowboy hat.
Perhaps a puritan undead witch hunter?
What Im trying to do is think of the silhouette first then see what matches that. since the head will stay the same I think the silhouette change is necessary to help establish different characters.
Allen H

Dr. Giggles
12-15-2009, 05:48 PM
Thats fair, I did that character once upon a time. Not in troubled times we have now. So scratch my idea.
But I like Allens cowboy one.

Jim Warfield
12-16-2009, 01:34 AM
The scary cowboy vampire movie. He would get some cowboy mad, let him have the first shot in the gun duel, it would pass right through cowboy vamp, he'd then shoot the other guy dead.
Those last words were , "But I shot him, I know I did!" Cough, choke, gurgle///dead.

12-16-2009, 08:42 AM
here is a visual refrence you can work with I found it while digging through costume sites.


12-16-2009, 10:18 AM
Cowboy would also work for a hilbilly house section and I think I even have some stuff lying around at home to pull it off.

Yea ill probably stay away from the army veteran, we actually have an actor that is in the service.

I wish I could know what our 3rd house will be this year, I probably wont find out untill at least march if im lucky.

I really appreciate all of your ideas, theyre all helping keep throwing them out there.

12-16-2009, 02:00 PM
I think it is too funny and cute. I think we are a different breed. We are already planning what we want to be for next season. I am trying to get caught up still on my housework and rest from this season, never mind the holiday shopping and working late now for year end. I am getting too old for this I guess, can't bounce back so quickly to plan for next year. :-) Too cute!

12-17-2009, 06:19 AM
I guess my lack of a job is a blessing and a curse when it comes to haunting! haha.

I have to wait no matter what to fully get started on my new costume, since both of our mazes are changing, one only slightly and one is gone completely. Our outside scarezone is getting overhauled, and hopefully they'll stick my crew outside this year, since it was empty practically this past year, with just one slider being the only talent outside. Problem being, I can't tweak my character until I know, which won't be for a couple of months! I hate the waiting part!

12-17-2009, 09:00 AM
Yea I'm not going to start making any of my costumes untill our 3rd house is released, but our other 2 houses stay relativley the same with different layouts and a few new rooms.

The second the season closed I was extremly dissappointed with it being my first year I wanted more.

Now that Im old enough to work the weekends I honestly cant wait untill that last weekend in september comes.

Only ten months untill the scaring beings....