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12-15-2009, 05:58 AM
Hey is anyone else having problems with the new stuff showing up on Itunes?
The last one I can find on there is the morbidly merry christmas with the interview with the Spookywoods staff

12-15-2009, 09:03 AM
You are not having issues man.

We installed RFR to its' own dedicated server now.

We also had to re-write all of our RSS/XML feed which got corrupted when the show got hit with too many downloads about 12 days ago or so.

We are going to have a new show up most likely today or Tomorrow and on Friday to catch us up to date.

It was an unexpected jump in downloads but it made room for our much needed upgrade to prepare us for the big announcement and jump RFR is going to make to be announced on February 5.

I will keep you posted. Once the server is fully reset later today.

12-15-2009, 09:13 AM
ok have you guys listed yourselves into the Google app for podcasts yet?

12-15-2009, 09:48 AM
We submitted it. So hopefully it should appear. I have yet to test it.