View Full Version : Vandalism to grounds

12-17-2009, 08:05 PM
For those of you that hold your events at fairgrounds, do you happen to see any vandalism at the fairgrounds facilities which are not part of your attraction? or that are for that matter? I will be required by the fairgrounds to have atleast one on duty sheriff deputy for security during the event. in addition to my own security, but there is only so much we can watch

Karl Fields
12-17-2009, 09:23 PM
Sure have and yes it was our stuff :(

Happened several years ago in a place far from home. Didn't actually see it happen but found the remains in the morning. The amusment park was supplying after hours security. Seeing as how they had cameras all over the place that were being monitored at their on-site office, we thought that looked good. After "the incident" we found out that all the guards do is moinitor the screens - sometimes. When they see something going on they still just monitor the screens. The head securuty guy told the ops manager of the park that they didn't want any confrontations with gangs, so orders were to stay in the office.

GANGS? They never mentioned gangs to us during the negotiations.... maybe thats why attendance sucked :)

The park did reimburse us for much of what was lost or destroyed. We then hired a security company for the graveyard shift. Live and learn!

Jim Warfield
12-18-2009, 12:15 AM
You need enough guards to actually guard and handle groups if groups are to be roaming the place.
My Son's Army buddy who had Police training was hired(in California) to be the security in a fast food restaurant for the when the place filled up with roudy college students after the football games..just him..this didn't work. One guy against 50?
Gee, go figure?
Most of us would want to be paid quite a sum of money if we were to be getting beat up by 50 people.