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12-20-2009, 09:15 AM
Big expansion to Coffin Creek for 2010
It's now official and the ink is still wet.

Larry from http://www.abracadaver.com (http://www.abracadaver.com/) and Coffin Creek
are teaming up to build haunt #2 at Coffin Creek

We got the Green Light to go ahead with The Haunted Trail in the
woods here at Coffin Creek. It was determined that our planed trail
will not disturb the maternal habitat, so we can have our trail after all.

Coffin Creek and Koroneburg Old World Renaissance Festival
(California's only permanent Renaissance Village) has partnered up
to convert the 9 acre Renaissance Village into a haunted hayride
each fall. The village has over 70 buildings in it and is the perfect
ghost town in the fall and winter. How cool is that. a hole town to
haunt without building one wall.

4th but not least
Chambers of the Mausoleum is no longer at Castle Park in Riverside
The haunt has a new home at Coffin Creek. James and Mike are so
happy, no more set up and tear down, just setup and stay up.

So to recap, Coffin Creek for 2010 will go from 1 Haunted House to
3 Haunted Houses, a Haunted Trail and a Haunted Hayride.

Now for the icing on the cake, our prelim report from the
Paranormal Collaboration Effort P.C.E.
"You have paranormal activity occurring for certain."
More on that later, but we have GHOST, too cool.
Yes Tiny Tim it is a Merry Christmas

PS: to all my friends in the east up to your eyes in snow
the temp was 82 at the haunt yerterday 12/19/09 LOL

Raycliff Manor
12-20-2009, 10:30 AM
Awesome and very exciting news Gary, congratulations!!! This is the kind of news that inspires me and it excites me to see our industry continuing to develop and grow! Very cool!