View Full Version : "Halloween" Is Everywhere!

Jim Warfield
12-23-2009, 11:33 AM
Halloween is Everywhere
(Cookies & Coffee)

October's Moons have faded
delegated to memory's keeping
December's snow and ice now haunt us
Walking looking down, as careful feet go creeping

Complimentary coffee and cookies await
on this miserable weather day
Warm and sweet treats
Just a long block away
My Halloween mind is perminent
I just always think like that
Even sipping free coffee
wearing Winter's coat and hat
If...this Bank were mine..(the money would be fine)
The free cookes and drink
Would be served ..someplace else , I think.
Like right there in the vault
(which may cause some to pause and halt)
Once they walked inside, with hot coffe to their lips
With Macaroons in the other hand
Then they would be the victims of my plan
Yes! The big steel door would close amid clicking locks
as their own urine
Stained their pretty socks
and the lights would faulter and fail
(Just to maybe hear them whail)
..and before circumstances reversed
(as if it couldn't get any worse)
..very personal, illregular , deposits would crash
(And Those need to be tended to, or you will get a RASH!)

..In this quick, temporary tomb..
Would arise the question.....?

"Did they install ventillators in this windowless solid steel room?"

"Halloween" waits for us everywhere
and this evidence broils
In the unfortunate's underware!

damon carson
12-23-2009, 12:36 PM
Very nice Jim?! Not sure what all inspired your poem. Maybe the same duldrums of this year like me, you and others might experience this time of year. Not to mention extra bind on the pocket book. Keep your spirits up my friend! And dont rob any banks. LOL!