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07-19-2006, 01:11 AM

What is http://www.HauntSpace.com


HauntSpace is a Halloween, Haunted Attraction Social Network Platform newly launched for Haunters. The platform allows you to maintain your own free web space, blog, and personal forum and do so in an environment free of non-related pop ups and advertisements. This is the place for you, its FREE and packed with features.
HauntSpace is a platform geared to bring the Halloween community together thus eliminating mass numbers of folks we have to sift through to find others that enjoy the same passions we do. HauntSpace will strive to protect children and aggressively deal with the NO SPAM policy. We will be offering BANNER TRADES. If you have a website or forum that's clean, wholesome and provides resources to the Haunt Community, please email us at ScreamHaunt@HauntSpace.com

Be on the ground floor of a new and exciting project.

There will be constant improvements to this site. We urge members to interact with one another on the HauntSpace forum, especially if you have HTML experience. HauntSpace will always be free, and will ONLY host Halloween, Haunted House banners that benefit the industry. You won't see targeted search engine links and the things that cause a site to be cluttered with nonsense.


Features include the following (CHECK OUT THESE FEATURES)

Recent Blogs List
Random Polls
Recent Pics
Recent Logins
News & Annoucements
New Forum Topics
Whos Online
Web Search
View all image posted on the site
View images by categories
Special browse settings to make viewing easier
Featured Images
Option to create/edit
View all members
Advanced Search Engine to find members
Featured Members
Comment on Images
View all blogs
Read and Comment on blogs
Special browse settings to make viewing easier
Option to create/edit
Post Topics
Post replies to other topics
Rate Pics From 1-10
View Top Rate Pics
View Most Viewed Pics
Image Battle to pic which image will win
Option to view battle leaders
View all polls
Answer polls added by the members
Option to create/edit
Groups split up into categories
Categories editable from the admin panel
Features Groups
View/Create/Edit Personal Groups
Advanced Search Engine
Groups Contain: Shoutbox
Groups Contain: Gallery
Groups Contain: Guestbook
Groups Contain: Forums
View all listings
View/Create/Edit Personal Listings
Reply/Forward listings
Advanced Search Engine
View all fun items
Place to add funny videos and flash games
View all fun quizzes
Take another members quiz with up to 10 questions to answer
Option to create/edit
View all music videos
Option for members to add videos to there profile
Features Songs
New Releases
Top Requested Songs
Advanced Search Engine
View all events
Option for members to add events
Featured Events
Advanced search for location and zip code
Birthday Calendar
Members Area

Message Center. Listing new messages, friends requests and comments added.
Account Info: Type, Points, Member Since and Space Used
Theme Manager ( Option for members to change site theme )
Profile Picture ( Option to change )
Bulletin Board recent posts
My Friends List
My Favorites
Account Settings
Email Info/Change
Option to change password
Option to edit Gender, Location, Date of Birth
Option to receive email notifications (
Profile Settings
Option to edit: Headline, Occupation, Dating Status, Orientation, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Turn Ons, Turn Offs, Hobbies, Movies, Music, Books and About Yourself.
Profile Picture
Option for the member to change their profile image.
Design My Profile
Option to upload background image.
Options to fully edit the members profile with the easy to use color picker. From which the member can changes the whole color layout of their profile to fit the way they want it to be.
Compose New Message
Crush Inbox
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Comments Inbox
Submit Items
Upload Pictures
Write Blogs
Create Polls
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My Items
Edit Pictures
Edit Blogs
Edit Polls
Edit Quizzes
Edit Comments
My Friends
Full Friends List
Option to delete friends
New Friend Requests
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My Favorites
Full Favorites List
Option to delete favorites
View Bulletin Board
View My Bulletins
Post New Bulletin
User option to edit/delete posts
Member option to reply/forward post
Option to send out 1-5 invite emails
Extra Message Option
Invite Leaders List
Members Personal Profiles
Profile Sections
Profile Info
Display Username
Display Profile Picture
Display Online/Offline Status
Display Users Info: Job, Smoke, Drink, Religion, Orientation, Dating Status, Member Since, Points, Gender, Location, Age, Views, Star Sign and Last Login.
Blocks On Profile
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Block User
Personal Profile Design

http://www.HauntSpace.com the software provided to Haunters, by a Haunter.


The HauntSpace Marketing Team.

HauntSpace is brought to you by Span Copyright 2006, all rights reserved, LLC pending.

07-19-2006, 08:51 AM
Cool! -Tyler

07-19-2006, 10:23 AM
Thank you much!

Still a lot of work to do with it.

We'll head in the right direction with it don't worry. I'd like it to be a beneficial to the industry thing.

07-22-2006, 03:58 AM
What is the point of this site? Are you just doing it for fun?

Seems that the web just keeps getting more and more sites to occupy your time...you've done a nice job. Just wondering is this a business you want to catch on or just for fun?


08-23-2006, 05:01 AM
Sorry it took me so long to reply.

A business, no.

Fun, absolutely.

I have another website thats in construction that will hopefully allow me to market some Halloween products but it's been an aggravating process.

I had the idea to do HauntSpace because I felt that adding an additional positive entity to the industry was the way to go. I agree, it's another internet presense that's fun to play with.

There are tons of resources that have positive influence regarding the Halloween Industry, allowing people to come together and share their resources and experiences.

I'll describe my motivating factors and mission statements.

HauntSpace is a community that is of course "just for Haunters" which allows us to monitor the group as a whole. That in itself is impossible when it concerns a similar general social network that is comprised of approximately a billion members. Way too much to handle when it concerns member safety. I tend to feel that with a smaller group, we can hopefully safeguard the younger members from the types of people that take advantage of such, or have intentions that are less than appropriate.

We've already dealt with some spam issues.

I'm a HUGE fan of positive promotion. I would like to see some people promote their ideas, websites, groups and the things that we like to see when it concerns positive things. Haunted Houses, good websites, groups and such. People that wish to market good quality products and services etc.

The thing I don't like to see is pornography, hey look at my singles club type of thing. That's quickly dealt with.

I'm also dedicated to the promise of not cramming HauntSpace with tons of affiliate ads and adsense etc, I'm sure you get the idea. One would say "well how are you going to pay for it".

I'm a firm believer that if you say something, stick to it, people will follow you. I'd be happy to market and sell some Halloween merchandise, thus generating enough funds to keep the site up and running.

I can tell you this, I'm a proud dude. There's nothing better than sparking an idea, watching it grow and becoming overwhelmed with the enjoyment of seeing the prop pics, the groups and knowing that something good came of the idea.

Member feedback has been positive so far and I've tried my best to give everyone what they want.

I posted some information regarding the future of HauntSpace and made it pretty clear that anything that appeared on HauntSpace had to be beneficial to the industry.

Let's face it, no one wants to visit a site such as that, and see things that clutter up the screen, destroy their website creations and interfere with the things they are trying to project.

If we eventually banner the site, it will probably be "one" rotating banner that is Haunt Industry promotional.

The thing that I found to be interesting is that everyone on there has a unique personality and really enjoys the presentation of their hard earned work.

As for me, I consider myself already blessed. A couple of really good jobs, a great family and decent health, which is the important thing. I don't have a problem spending a few bucks to provide a place for people to have a good time.

Hopefully, it will continue in a positive direction, because I really do care and hope that I can provide to the members as the needs arise. I like to have the one to one contact with people and adjust things as necessary, to ensure that everyone is happy.

BTW, I was kind of floored when I read that, I take that as quite a compliment and appreciate it.

Thank you.

I'm having a good time and have become attached to the members.

It's all about good Halloween fun and remain thankful that things worked out thus far.

I noticed something about Haunters in general. If you go to various websites that deal with absolutely nothing, you get nothing. If you go to or belong to websites that harness profession, you get just that. The Haunt Industry is a profession. There is quality that comes along with that.

Haunters consist of engineers, computer experts, electronic experts, artists, sound and lighting techs and we could go on and on. I'm happy to have the ability to learn as I go, give a little something in return and hopefully someday get some recognition for doing something right, and doing so from the heart.

With another site I'm launching, it will hopefully pay for HauntSpace and give me the opportunity to donate to some of my favorite charities.

Being that I've spent a lot of time in the public service field I've seen a lot of the worst that life has to offer and realize that misfortunate people need to benefit from successful things. I'd really like to spin some banners in a rotation that allow people to kick some finances to some of my favorite charities as well, in addition to providing some proceeds of my online store myself.

I have to apologize for the lengthy post, but I wanted to provide some information as my time on the net is kind of limited, due to work, the web projects and a bunch of other things etc.

As you can see, I'm enthusiastic about this stuff and to me, there's a lot more to it than just having a website.

Hopefully it won't put me in the grave.

09-14-2006, 10:13 PM
I just signed up. Looks great! Thanks for putting up this type of site for the haunt community.

09-30-2006, 12:51 AM
You're welcome.

It's been rough, but we'll continue to keep it "haunt related" which has been the biggest obstacle.

I appreciate the support.

09-30-2006, 12:49 PM
Uh, hate to burst the bubble but the name CAN be construed as attempting to capitalize on Myspace.com. While space isnt necessarily tranemark protected, the idea of -space.com may very well be and seen as trademark infringement. If you used a meaning similar word, I do not think there is so much a case. Hauntspace would land you in trouble while hauntbox of hauntair
would not.

10-11-2006, 11:50 PM
Hi NT.

I appreciate your concern, you're an awesome dude.

Not concerned about it.

I have absolutely ZERO respect for XXspace. Too much ads, too my spam, too much pedophile behavior.

HauntSpace has nothing to do with XXSpace and the similarity is coincidental.

HauntSpace was created to give the Haunters another good place to share their experiences.

We're in a really tight bind right know, trying to decifer who's in it for the long haul, who's a Haunter and who isn't.

We've already disciplined numerous members, deleted accounts and have had some accounts self deleted.

Halloween, Haunted House enthusiasts ONLY.

It's been a real headache, because lucky for us, we scored some serious Haunters.

I hate to hurt people's feelings but keeping direction is of most importance.

I'm 100% supportive of business, Haunt self promotions and the things that remain positive to the industry but just like any other quality Halloween website, the fight is on, to keep it on topic.

With the name, I beg to differ, it's a space and the word "MY" is no where attached.

I'm more concerned about the quality of the members I keep than the fear that someone is going to cop a gripe about the name that was chosen.

XXspace is a multi million dollar website. At no time to I expect HauntSpace to gain that type of status, nor do I care if it does.

I promised to keep HS a quality Halloween site and with the moderation alone, it will never reach those types of numbers.

Any halfway decent Haunter on there can tell you that and if we keep our membership at 500, I'll be satisfied. It was a gift to the Haunters and I'm happy with that.

Now...............HalloweenTrade.com on the other hand, is a business and we'll head that little project in a positive direction too.

Other than that, the only thing on my mind is what investment I'm going to make in my Pro Haunt, which is my next project.