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07-22-2006, 12:37 PM
Anyone else filming already? I started collecting footage last week. I'm thinking of trying something new. In years past we have ran 2 commercials through the season. Same footage cut differently with different dialogue. This year I want to do something similar for t.v., something spooky to remind people that it's halloween, but I want to add a series of web commercials that grab the attention of those who may not be so into halloween, but still like live theatrics. Be they funny, cute, quirky, whatever. I put one together in my attic, starring my creepy 3-year-old (and myself as the victim). This cost nothing to film and it was completed in under 48 hours including scene and costume design. Click Here (http://home.columbus.rr.com/kurtisbchaney/lexhon.wmv)

Has anyone done anything similar? Good reaction? Waste of time?

07-22-2006, 12:46 PM
Great commercial on a shoestring budget. The only thing I'd do differently is keeping your child in black and white throughout the first part of the commercial. When the clip got to seconds 7-9 it ruined the moment because the audience saw she was just a kid with red stuff on her. If you keep it in black and white during that part it'll keep up the suspense. Having that last part in color was fine. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

07-22-2006, 12:57 PM
Thanks, that does make sense.

07-22-2006, 01:28 PM
fixed it.

Raycliff Manor
07-22-2006, 02:15 PM
Very cool! :twisted:


Jim Warfield
07-22-2006, 02:41 PM
For a tv commercial to get my attention it has to have something strange or different about it, this would also make it more re-watchable for me as well.
Our local car dealer made numerous strange commercials that did ellict one's attention and they were funny!
Of course all humor is risk, you risk not being funny or offending someone.
In one commercial he was going nutty slapping his bumper stickers all over everything, the grand finale was when he slapped one on a woman' s butt! "OOPS!"
In another one they were prending that his wife was very angry with him and he was ducking, hiding running around to stay away from her, this was funnier than it sounds here.
I think if you take the time and spent your money to make humor or to entertain your potential customers that they do realise this and will be (usually) favorably impressed and when this happens they will probably be remembering who you were and what your message was about.

07-22-2006, 06:38 PM
hahaha that's great!!

myum myum myum!!

That's something I'd save and play for her
friends at school!!


07-22-2006, 08:27 PM
That's something I'd save and play for her
friends at school!!

Yeah... Boyfriends especially.

Frightfactory UK
07-23-2006, 11:52 AM
Great commercial, hopefully have mine up soon also.

Great work, short and sweet and to the point!



07-23-2006, 03:33 PM
EXCELLENT! loved it actiondeath! very nice. Are you running that on local TV? Hope so, that will get peoples attention!

Alot of people dont realize how cheap tv commercial advertising is! The expensive part is getting the commercial made and formated for broadcast. (thats why we make ours so affordable!)

Without making this into a plug, if anybody has custom footage or ideas for a commercial, e-mail us and we can make it a reality! Thats our specialty!

07-23-2006, 05:11 PM
I think we're just running that one on the web. Mainly so people can watch it over. I've been told that the first time through some people can't exactly understand what she is saying. No good for tv. Plus, I don't exactly have permission to use that music. I may change it, don't want any copyright lawsuits.

Jim Warfield
07-23-2006, 07:11 PM
I created some "original" music by using a record player, playing an old rock&Roll song but the needle skipped and would only play the first 3 or 4 notes (which I defied anyone to identify the original song from this smidgeon)
Same few notes, over and over again, very weird!
It worked!

07-24-2006, 08:44 AM
That was very cool! I agree with the above poster about keeping it in black and white. She's adorable. And your right, Mr. Reznor (or at least his lawyers) might take issue with the music. LOL. Personally, I think it does ad to the effect, tho'. :)

07-24-2006, 10:59 AM
WOW! That's awesome!


07-26-2006, 08:56 PM

07-28-2006, 03:34 PM
Okay, I got skeered and changed the music. I composed some crap to get it by. It just doesn't have the same effect to me. Damn Nine Inch Nails for making such heart pounding music. Grrrr! More commercials are on the way soon.

08-27-2006, 12:52 PM
Commercial #2 (http://home.columbus.rr.com/kurtisbchaney/HON2.wmv)

Starring myself and my most prized posession.

My wife (trunk victim) is okay too.

Wakka Wakka Wakka... Honey... Sweetie Pie, put the knife down...

08-27-2006, 05:39 PM
Dude, that was totaly wicked!

Duke of Darkness
08-27-2006, 11:42 PM
I really like the feel of the second one, but the first one doesn't seem to be there anymore. Did you remove it?


08-28-2006, 03:59 AM
Our server is down. I moved the file and the link should work again.


Jim Warfield
08-28-2006, 06:48 AM
That was brilliant!
The music reminded me of Rammstein which I like.
The only slight, nit-picky miniscule "flaw"........(sorry the film is SO GOOD!)
but my logical male/automotive brain wondered how she could be kept in the trunk when there is no latch, just latch holes ?
I once had a 38 Chevy coupe, probably most people wouldn't even begin to notice this.
Of course her time in the trunk and his vision of it happening could have surely happened before the latch was removed, sure! That's it!
It's a flasback of the evil deed, we get to be inside the satanic mechanic's head.(and most people avoid thinking or really identifying with such a brain.
Very Good idea for a quick ad, choosing black & white helps it too, seem more dream-like, but then you already knew that!

08-28-2006, 07:09 AM

I have to be honest I was bit shocked to hear that you like Rammstein!

08-29-2006, 08:12 PM
my logical male/automotive brain wondered how she could be kept in the trunk when there is no latch, just latch holes ?

It's quite simple, really. Once she had lost the first few quarts or so of blood, she was simply too weak to climb out. The rope helps, but just as extra precaution.

Nice observation. I'm sure you also noticed the license plate blocking the right tail light. I had to get it in the shot. Original plate from when the car was new (1941). I have the trunk latch somewhere, but I'm in the process of stripping it down and I didn't want to put any of that stuff back on.


Jim Warfield
08-29-2006, 08:27 PM
I decorated a wall in my haunted kitchen with old license plates. I had an Illinois 1941 plate that looked like brand new!
After the dust cleared from that crazy October is when I noticed this plate was gone!
Someone had to have pulled pretty hard, I had it almost nailed to the plywood wall with some very long big-headed thumb tacks, and of course this room is never that dark and the customers are never alone in this room.
I have found many items that were in process of being lifted from here other places throughout this house, I guess they realise that it's usually pretty stupid to steal something then try to keep it hidden for the remaining 90 minutes that the tour usually lasts!
Sort of like the adventurer movies when the idiot tries to swim out of the flooded room full of gold while having his pockets full of gold and a big bag tied on his back!

08-30-2006, 08:13 AM
Sweet that rocked!!!

08-30-2006, 08:20 AM
Awesome... Kind of has the feel of the Halloween Horror Nights ads! -Tyler

Raycliff Manor
08-30-2006, 08:40 AM
Great job ActionD! A bit disturbing :shock: I guess that means you achieved your objective! :wink:


Fright Yard
09-11-2006, 10:37 AM
man that was great, it gave me a good laugh. A cool commercial, good job.

Jim Warfield
09-11-2006, 10:47 PM
No rumble-seaty for your sweety?
(Or is that just a "spare" you always keep in the trunk?)

Dan Faupel
09-13-2006, 12:48 AM
I loved both of the commercials Actiondeath...nice job!