View Full Version : Some Audience Last Night!

Jim Warfield
01-22-2010, 05:44 AM
It was four adults, one woman, three men.
It is somewhat embarrassing but because their applause was genuine and was given for that correct reason I guess I can see it as a right and only good thing and accept it in the spirit that it was given and be humble.
Three of them are also performers which I am sure is why they broke into applause several times as I would finish a certain portions of my routine.
They were also very impressed by the things I have built here too and were very positive and surprised right up to the very last step they made from my exit door!
In some aspects they are almost of a "Haunter" mentality in their creative trades and are all very successfull and accomplished within these pursuits, which translates into: None of the four have "Normal Jobs", sort of like me.
Who's clapping now?
Some who identify with exactly what is required to entertain others.
Thank You!
(I gave them the Same Show I have given to 1,000s of others)
May each of you reading this find many such similair audiences in your performing endeavors, and it happened right here on a icy winter night at the end of January.
(You never know?)
Then as I was waiting for the supper pick-up order at the local restaurant the owner was enthusiastically telling me how impressed these same four patrons of mine were last night!
She added though that they weren't very sure that everything I did for them was an "act", that maybe I really am pretty crazy!
They will never know for sure..I make sure of it.
We all had alot of laughs.!!!

Kelly Anderson
01-25-2010, 03:54 PM
Still a compliment is a compliment! And well deserved for sure!! Heck, we still wonder if your crazy or not. LOL! But like you just said.................We will never know!!!!!!!