View Full Version : Darkness Haunt Tour Tickets On Sale Now

01-24-2010, 02:31 AM
Below are the links to purchase tickets to the tours!

Lights Off Tour (with actors): https://v2.interactiveticketing.com/...lights_off.php (https://v2.interactiveticketing.com/tickets/t232_2010_the_darkness_trade_show_event_1001144052/form_lights_off.php)

Lights On Tour (behind the scenes): https://v2.interactiveticketing.com/..._lights_on.php (https://v2.interactiveticketing.com/tickets/t232_2010_the_darkness_trade_show_event_1001144052/form_lights_on.php)

Remember these are limited to 600 per night (Friday and Saturday) that is ALL we will do this time. Its also limited to 300 for the lights on tour.

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01-26-2010, 07:06 AM
Yeah planning for the show this year hasn't been as smooth for me as previous years. We ended up in good shape last season and are looking forward to the show, but a couple of things are making this year difficult. One being that the show is a day earlier so there is a difference in when some of us will be arriving. Another is just not knowing who all will be attending and that makes things difficult when trying figure out if you can do any of the extra stuff after the show. It seems like this year people have really made a big effort to provide entertainment and plan events. That is fantastic and we should all encourage everyone to attend and do as much as they can because of how hard people work to put on this extra stuff. And as far as your haunt, I had fun last year and suggest that it would be worth it to anyone to attend this year.