View Full Version : Youthfull Enthusiasm Didn't Walk In.

Jim Warfield
01-25-2010, 06:46 AM
It sustained riding in the car with the parents for 2 1/2 hours to arrive at my door.
It helped push the youngman to "research" all that he could on-line concerning my house(The Dad's statement)
He had been to a haunted house or two and I guess was sufficiently scared there.
I see this often.
All happy and brave..until they get here or until I open the front door. "Whoops! This isn't on a small glass tube, under My Control!?"
"Whose control are you under NOW?"
Yes, MINE.
Mom & Dad enjoyed the house much more, laughing, being active participants.
"Jr." kept needing the bathroom, maybe for the usual reason, maybe the other reason?
Maybe one more year would have turned the corner for him? Maybe not?
I still always give them my best.
I can't help it because sometimes I can turn it around with persistence.

01-25-2010, 11:13 AM
Nice Jim! That boy will probably remember you until he gets therapy one day!:)

Kelly Anderson
01-25-2010, 03:47 PM
either that or he'll get picked on for months to come. Im still catching crap from the group I took to your haunt. Bob, the big guy from our group always gets ticked cause knowone can ever scare me. But your first room routine had me jumpen a couple of times. Then Id laugh my but off. Cant wait to get back!!

Jim Warfield
01-26-2010, 08:15 AM
Used to come here, a load of haunters from all points.
I almost had this set up for one visit:The bus rolls to a stop outside my house, greeted by a Policeman who commands everyone remain seated.
A young girl who could actually be a professional wrestler gets on-board..
She slowly makes her way through the crowded bus peering intently into the face of each passenger..as she is carrying a 3 month old baby wrapped in her arms.....
"He's the ONE Officer!"
Of course her choices would be limited to only those who had seen my haunt last Transworld.
Talk about "Real Fear"!
(and alot of laughs!!)