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Rich Hanf
01-25-2010, 08:58 AM
OK…well it’s that time again. As we finally stop writing 2009 on our checks (something I’m still doing) it could mean only one thing. Transworld…and my favorite show in the whole world. It really is…I love the Transworld show. As is true with so many of us that have been around for a while, when this thing all began Transworld was the only game in town. That made for some very exciting moments and the memories and nostalgia that accompanies those memories will always keep Transworld near and dear to the hearts of many of us.

So I am watching late night TV as I am too excited to sleep after watching the New Orleans Saints game, when on comes the guy who can tell you where to get Free Money…Govt grants, private grants etc. He is selling one small book that tells you everything you need to know. During his sales pitch, he mentions the other guy who is selling the same info…the guy with the dollar signs all over his jacket, and then reaches over to show us exactly what dollar jacket guy is selling. It is a mountain of information…perhaps even the congressional legislation that contains the grant info. Literally, tens of thousands of pages. What the first guy is saying is that he has done all the work and boiled down these thousands of pages to just a few hundred and that is what his book is…the facts and only the facts.

Well, despite the fact that I rushed to my phone and bought the book (a $29.95 value for just 4 payments of $25 each)…lol…it reminded me of what the Transworld SPEED SEMINARS will be like. The facts and just the facts. This is just awesome…think about this. Everything from Showmanship (as taught by me, Me, ME), to Actor Training, Crisis Preparedness, to Make Up Tricks, to Successful Marketing, to Celebrities and even the use of Pyro….and much more. Nothing but great info and all for a price of $50…a $50 value for just…er…well…one payment of $50. Now Jen at Transworld may not do an infomercial with pricing like that, but is the sweetest deal in town. She is standin’ tall and doin it all…Baby!!!

More on this event in upcoming posts but for right now, if you haven’t looked at the Speed Seminars section on the Transworld site, you may want to do so before it is sold out…as I’m guessing it will be. I mean, where else do you get to see me all day for $50? That’s like $13 less than my going rate…and some people say I’m overpriced at that…LOL Later Rich Hanf

01-26-2010, 03:53 AM
I do have to say, after I posted this and talked about it on the show.

I really want to take these, I mean 50 bux for all 10. Nice, Fast, Easy and learn something. AWESOME.

I know you will do a bang up job Rich