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cript keeper
02-11-2010, 10:49 AM
we have up for sale a complete turn key haunted house unit.this house is located in MS. . Its a 2400sq ft. .unit has lots of the scarefactory catacombs crypts and paneles 166 of then 36 black. Complete with wire harness. Sound system for the slayer.Scenic lights,Strob lights,Exit doors,13 animations,2 vodoo warriors,6 coffin wallspanels,3 air cannons,Scarefactory winged vampyre,Complete 12ft tall 80ft long facade with skeletons remains on it,Scarefactory slayer with wings an pediment,Blue prints,Plywood for roof ,2X6s for roof ,80x30 tarp for roof,Picked fence for lines,ticked booth,1 box of tickets,1 air compresser, 57,000.00 Also so i have lots of outher props an stuff for 6000.00 most brand new never used but dont want to sell if i dont sell the haunt this haunt was The Crypt from the 7 floors of hell we had it for 1 year Any ? call me at (601)590-3420 Are email me at www.warpig1961@yahoo.com I have pics of the haunt

02-11-2010, 04:57 PM
try to send u a email but says faliure threw my email ... would love to see pics ..or pm me...