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Rich Hanf
02-15-2010, 05:47 PM
Greetings Minions…It is I…Hanf-A-Domous the Magnificent coming at you again with more predictions and updates on previous predictions.

First, my apologies for my extended absence. I lapsed into an extended trance and upon awakening immediately predicted that my beloved New Orleans Saints would win the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, that prediction was made on the Monday AFTER the Super Bowl and they had already won. Needless to say my detractors wasted little time attempting to tarnish my unblemished reputation. I have been busy defending myself against them ever since. Now that my detractors have been vanquished I am once again able to turn my all knowing gaze towards our industry.

As the Haunted Attraction Industry moves full speed towards the pivotal year 2012 (BTW…is it any coincidence that Timmer & Ann Marie Gavinski’s home address is 2012…I think not!!!)…this year (2010) is shaping up to be jam packed with changes, some big…some not so big, but all have come to me while in my transcendental metaphysical dream state in which I am open to the input of the Haunted, Halloween universe. OK…perhaps some of those predictions come as the result of these funny little pills I have been taking…but in the sooth sayer business you take your predictions where you find them. Keep in mind that these are visions that come to me while in a trance and could always be wrong. Just because I correctly predicted the likes of the end of Spookyworld, the death of several industry magazines, the retirement of Cydney Neil etc. is no reason to believe that these predictions will be 100% spot on. Believe them or not…as you see fit.

1…..An up coming tradeshow (but really a small convention of sorts in my opinion) may be on it’s last legs. This show, which will be upon us within several months, has appeared to me in a dream and appears to be a dichotomy of sorts. On one hand it’s lack of available info leads me to see this show to be in a state of disarray and confusion.
On the other hand I see the promoter has nailed down an as yet unannounced unprecedented behind the scenes tour of the brand new Harry Potter theme park. A number of this shows usual attendees will not be present, and with new tradeshows opening (Western Haunters to name one …maybe) attendance is questionable. The vision I have of this show continues to grow fainter and fainter. Perhaps my vision coincides with a vision I have for the industries dominant show, which I see poised to buy up this attempt at competition and put it to sleep once and for all!!! Sala Bim…Sala Beem

1B…..An additional vision has just come to me. I see a name…a faint name…could it be Penard Lickel? Yes…I see him as a blowhard….NO…wait…not a blowhard…but I do see a strong wind blowing…..Blowing…windy…WINDY CITY…YES…that’s it. I see someone named Penard Lickel traveling to the windy city…Chicago of course…very very soon…maybe this weekend in fact. There is a meeting with someone whose name begins with a J. This person works with a Trannys…no….Trains…..no…Trans…Trans something…that’s all I can make out. Penard Lickel meeting with “J” at Trans.

Please...NO MORE...I am exhausted...I must consult my crystal balls for more breaking predictions. I feel them coming immediately!!!
As it is written, so shall it be. H

02-15-2010, 06:53 PM
O great and wise one your soothsaying always leave me with a smile on my face regardless of what you post. You are a souce of inspiration and I love all that you have done for the education of haunters!

02-16-2010, 07:35 AM
Setec Astronomy

02-17-2010, 03:01 AM
So much is going to change over the next 2 or 3 years...

Yeah I can see TW wanting to reunite haunts with retail simply to save the retail show from the whale known as Rubies. Probably a smart or rather only no rather best move. Nice to know we are needed finally! LOL

As for all these other shows I mean OMG we have Canada, West Coast, East Coast, Hauntcon, Midwest, IAAPA, and Transworld...

THEY WILL NOT ALL MAKE IT in fact if they rent big halls hoping for tons of vendors forget it... they will fail. I think the vibe I'm getting is vendors are done touring some circuit losing money. IAAPA is the best show to exhibit at outside of Transworld and most vendors don't do that show.

MHC I guess would slide in after Transworld in terms of haunt shows.

There is just no chance all these shows make it, just like four or five magazines won't make it...

I make a prediction we'll go down to 1 or 2 magazines tops, and or one or two true tradeshows and maybe down to just one association. Lets hope!

Most of us have real jobs, most vendors do this part time, most haunters do this part time, we have families, kids, responsibilities, haunts to build, things to do, we can't go to a show every other weekend or for that matter fly from one show one day to another show the next because they are both on the same date. LOL

We can all make a zillion predictions but they mean nothing... things will work themselves out one way or another.

If they all make it great, if they all fail, hmmm...

Our industry doesn't need two associations, forty tradeshows, nine hundred magazines, 6 zillion haunt directories... we as an industry needs a bit more focus on making a handful of things REALLY WORK good for everyone!

That is my opinion!


The Nightmare Factory
02-18-2010, 03:23 AM
Gentlemen, I am speaking on my behalf, as the events manager for the West Coast Haunters Convention. This show for your information is not only about bringing together haunters, but about helping to educate students. We are not in this to get rich, breaking even is going to be great.

Our show is going to be what is it going to be and I am so very frustrated right now. On the one hand you offer me a place to advertise the WCHC and tell me you'll do anything to help, but on the other hand you do this, you talk down about other peoples hard work. I appercate the fact that there are a lot of different conventions, and that me adding one more to the mix IS asking a lot from vendors. I am out there everyday beating the streets and internet working with people to help them be a part of our little show. Little for now, but who knows.

I am not sure what you have against my friend Leonard either, but wow.

I have been in the amusement industry for 27 years, as a haunt owner and as a manager of an amusement park, I did not go into this event without doing my research. I know what I am up against, I know what I am doing and have the support of many. I'd like to think I have yours too. Like I said before, this show is not for me or my glory, but for our students and haunters.

Thank you.

02-18-2010, 11:01 AM
Larry, why is it exactly that you think IAAPA is the best show for haunt vendors to show at? Is it because IAAPA has the most Haunted Attraction owners visit than any other show, "outside of Transworld"? What vendors, that you know of, consistantly sell more product at IAAPA than any other haunt show "outside of Transworld"? How do you know this if "most vendors don't"?
It would be great for vendors to know the facts. We could save some money by dropping the rest of the shows for IAAPA. I think you're right, none of us want to spend our time and money "touring some ciruit".

02-18-2010, 04:19 PM
SCAREFACTORY DOES AWESOME AT IAAPA... they write orders and more orders. My booth was directly across from theirs at the show a couple years ago and I know they do awesome at IAAPA.

I've told all vendors who go to IAAPA its about what you bring not how you did... what did you bring? Was it something someone wanted? Did Transworld suck for you last year... was it the show or your product? It was your product no one wanted it don't blame the show.

I'm not talking about Spookywoods FX or any vendor specific just stating a fact... if you go to a show don't rip the show apart and say the show sucked i won't go back, no your product was NOT what buyers wanted blame your product line nothing more.

When it comes to IAAPA yes its the best secondary show for ANY HAUNT VENDOR if you bring the right mix of products. If you don't you'll get lost in a sea of booths... bring animations to IAAPA and you will sell product as an example.

If you are a haunt vendor TRANSWORLD is the best, people looking to buy all sorts of haunt products those who attend IAAPA and keep it mind attendance is 10 times higher, you have a lot of different types of buyers but all in the amusement industry...they are buyers.

Some of these other shows are a mix of buyers with mostly haunted enthusiast looking for little things not the big things. Most of these shows be it IAAPA or Transworld or MHC all cost the same to attend from hotels, food, travel, time away from the shop, and more. Most vendors don't understand business or marketing or know how to value cost of something verse the return of something, they started their business because a deep rooted passion and you need that passion to be a success but that is only the tip of the iceberg. You as a vendor should be seeking NEW BUYERS and doing what it takes to find those new buyers within reason. Who can offer you the most new buyers? Well speaking of Scarefactory they are a very successs business for sure... they understand marketing, they understand their customers, they know what their customers want to buy, they have good people working there, hence they are successful and they should continue to be a success story.

What shows do they attend TRANSWORLD AND IAAPA! Follow the leader! Right? But the reality is that IAAPA would probably not work for all vendors so maybe they should go just depends. It works for some it works for Scarefactory, it works for Oak Island, it works for different vendors then it doesn't work for another one. Just depends on what you have to offer. IAAPA has been trying for years to create a haunt section just can't wrangle up enough haunt vendors to go for the ride.

IAAPA is a show most haunt owners should attend but they don't... kinda dumb on their part, and on the other hand I kinda understand why they don't. IAAPA is NOT set in the right time of year for most haunt owners and vendors but if you take it serious enough you make it work.

I'm NOT saying some of these other shows are not successful or can't be I'm just saying we've gone overboard here... this is too much!

So getting over to Nightmare Factory comments... look vendors are just not going to go to all these shows they just are not... and I think this year you'll see less and less and less of vendors packing up everything and leaving the shop for these events.

Vendors have to make product you can't go to a show every other weekend... you can't invest thousands to write a few thousand in orders. Furthermore by having these shows all over the place is splinting the impact the best shows could have for vendors and add more costs to the industry...that isn't good!

I personally didn't say anything bad about anyone... I'm merely stating a fact that in the end these shows need to focus on seminars, education, tours, meetings, and not focus so much on a tradeshow floor because then it will make your show look like a failure if only a few vendors come.

All of these shows are NOT going to make it, all of these magazine will NOT make it, NOT everyone message board has people posting on it, blah, blah sure anyone can start anything but that doesn't mean you'll have the support you desire. I know that first hand painfully speaking... LOL.

Your show the one you are doing might end up being the best one I'm not saying it won't, I'm saying there is too many and they are NOT all going to make it, and this attempt to bring another magazine into the fold (OMG) thats a mistake because you'll lose a ton of money.

Again its a passion, and I hope what you are doing is for your passion because clearly in this industry most everyone does what they do just simply for passion.


02-18-2010, 09:49 PM
Amazing how Scarefactory can "clean up"... and make all this "money"... yet still have the WORST products/reputation in the entire industry. Hahaha... What's going to happen once the theme/amusement parks actually figure this out?

You know who would "clean up" at IAAPA... UNIT 70!!!

I don't think a haunt owner should go to IAAPA looking for the newest prop... go to find stuff for the back-end... concessions, retail, registers, etc. etc. Go to TW for the new haunt props, animations, etc. etc. Typically vendors at IAAPA have amusement park prices, something I don't think ANY haunt can afford.

I can see however a few of these shows ending... I think Hauntcon is on it's last leg, and maybe the TW Chicago show. IDK... I guess only time will tell! -Tyler

02-18-2010, 09:58 PM

I think Scarefactory is a great company so I hope you were joking... Scarefactory has reinvented many aspects of our industry. This is a sore subject with me actually because I think our industry has dictated pricing, other vendors over the years have tried to make stronger, more durable animations but with that comes additional costs and those animations have been swiftly rejected due to price. Our industry had dictated a price point and we won't go higher... I have many Scarefactory items and some make it for years and years and other break and we fix them no different than most.

I have speakers they blow out we fix them or replace them... its pretty much the case with anything. I've never known Dave to be anything but a stand up person who does everything he can to make things right. I love doing business with Scarefactory.

They do awesome at IAAPA, but like I said I don't know if its for everyone but its a great show!

As for the comments Spookywoods FX I have no clue what he was saying so I have no reply.

As for your other comments I do think some of these tradeshows are going to fall off the map soon... vendors just can't support them.


02-19-2010, 08:00 AM
Larry I am sure more haunt owners wouldn't be "kind of dumb" and attend IAAPA if they weren't tearing down their show for 2 to 3 weeks. Maybe if they moved IAAPA to December more people would be able to attend. Please clairfy exactly what you mean by "kind of dumb".

Also, I think but don't know, that the industry has dictated the price they can afford to spend on animations, because they can't afford any higher. I think they said if you want us too buy we have to be able to afford. Don't most industries dictate the price of things? I don't understand what your logic is on this subject. Are you upset that animations aren't more expensive? Do you think most haunts CAN afford more expensive props but REFUSE to pay for them? Why is this a sore subject? Are you saying people just don't get that less expensive engineering on props make them break or are you saying people should make more money so they can afford good engineering? Please explain.

Lord of Fright
02-23-2010, 03:43 AM
1…..An up coming tradeshow (but really a small convention of sorts in my opinion) may be on it’s last legs. This show, which will be upon us within several months, has appeared to me in a dream and appears to be a dichotomy of sorts. On one hand it’s lack of available info leads me to see this show to be in a state of disarray and confusion.
On the other hand I see the promoter has nailed down an as yet unannounced unprecedented behind the scenes tour of the brand new Harry Potter theme park. A number of this shows usual attendees will not be present, and with new tradeshows opening (Western Haunters to name one …maybe) attendance is questionable. The vision I have of this show continues to grow fainter and fainter. Perhaps my vision coincides with a vision I have for the industries dominant show, which I see poised to buy up this attempt at competition and put it to sleep once and for all!!! Sala Bim…Sala Beem

1B…..An additional vision has just come to me. I see a name…a faint name…could it be Penard Lickel? Yes…I see him as a blowhard….NO…wait…not a blowhard…but I do see a strong wind blowing…..Blowing…windy…WINDY CITY…YES…that’s it. I see someone named Penard Lickel traveling to the windy city…Chicago of course…very very soon…maybe this weekend in fact. There is a meeting with someone whose name begins with a J. This person works with a Trannys…no….Trains…..no…Trans…Trans something…that’s all I can make out. Penard Lickel meeting with “J” at Trans.

Please...NO MORE...I am exhausted...I must consult my crystal balls for more breaking predictions. I feel them coming immediately!!!
As it is written, so shall it be. H

It's good to see you back......well ok not really....but long time no see or hear.....I'm starting to think I liked it better that way Rich....dang you guys just don't stop....you'd think after years of this stupidity that it would adventually come to an end. You know..... this industry would be "better" if we would get off our high horses and just work together. Everyone has their Ideas how the industry should be ran...thus the reason for all the conventions....I personally like the different venues, conventions, etc. I learn a lot from the variety of "experts"! I learn what to do and what not to do.....If it weren't for people like Leonard Pickle, I know that this industry would not be where it is today. I respect the kings of this industry and I hate when people like you and Larry want to just bash them all the time....I just don't get it.... So...this "little" convention as you say that is going on on the West Coast happens to be one of the best things I've seen since HauntCon. WCHC offers a new outlet, education for educators, this is something that I believe is a great start for a new avenue with the Haunting community. If we can educate them in the schools, Ie, Def schools and colleges, then we can grow a new generation of haunts with new ideas....I think it better this way then just having them thinking they can just put up black plastic and call it good...then the next thing you know we have more rules....just sayin.....So all I'm trying to say Rich and Larry is lets try to be more open minded and not put others down or call names....you really just loose respect of others.....

02-23-2010, 04:48 AM

Maybe you should READ everything I say rather than picking out one comment... yeah its DUMB for haunters not to attend IAAPA PERIOD!

ITS DUMB for haunters not to attend Transworld's Haunt Show... PERIOD!

Now if you READ what I said maybe you wouldn't make the comments you make... I said CLEAR AS DAY and HAVE SAID FOR YEARS... that IAAPA is at the WRONG TIME OF YEAR FOR MOST HAUNTERS!

I told IAAPA POINT BLANK that many haunt owners are nomads and change locations from year to year so what are they doing in November????????

I've already said that like 100 million times. Back when IAHA was trying to sway everyone out of Transworld and into IAAPA, what a mistake that was, because IAHA made IAAPA look stupid or was it IAAPA looked stupid for ever trusting IAHA, whatever, either way a big massive section was set up at IAAPA show for a haunt section which IAHA was suppose to sell for IAAPA. That never happened.

I TOLD IAAPA it would NEVER HAPPEN EVER... because MOST vendors do NOT have the time to vend at a show that comes right off the heals of their busiest season. There is NO time to make new products, and not to mention they are just worn out. I have personally talked to many vendors and told them if I thought they would or wouldn't do well there, I think some would do very well while others would not do so well based on my knowledge of the show. I think some are smart for not going, and others shouldn't cry about not having business in the off season when they skipped a major show like this leaving most of the haunt sales to one or two companies. That is a mistake on their part.

As for haunts MOST haunts are in temporary locations and must tear down the show and store away, then I tell them and then what... ummm Thanksgiving which is the weekend after IAAPA. Now I tell them it won't fly because so many haunts are now staying open until a few days prior to the IAAPA show... so NO I'm NOT an idiot I understand FULLY!

With all that being said let me tell you something, and this is a fact my friend... when you make a commitment to be the best at what you do, when you want to succeed you make sacrifices you do what it takes to make your business grow, you take chances, you take risks, you dig deep for information, education, new idea's, new means in which to grow, expand your business.

SO YEAH NOT GOING TO IAAPA IS A DUMB MOVE... you figure it out! If you can't make it happen for all the reasons listed above okay its understandable but MOST OF THE HAUNTS who say they won't attend IAAPA state other reasons which is DUMB!

Funny how every year I see the same faces at IAAPA, the 13th Gates, the Netherworlds, and the list goes on and well those are the most successful haunted houses out there... most of the people I talk to who say they won't go to IAAPA say they won't go because they don't think it would be worth the trip because they are not a Six Flags.


Over 80% of every booth there is one or two booths selling some simple little product many which can help your business... look I fully understand not everyone is made of money, not every haunt has a great year, and not all haunt owners can just pack up and leave for several days because you are still trying to get your feet on the ground... GOT IT!

BUT those who can and don't are just not thinking straight!

So yeah there is a difference in what I'm saying and if you had ever taken the time to read everything I've ever said about IAAPA you'd know how I feel about the subject.

MOST HAUNTS SHOULD ATTEND IAAPA maybe not ever year, (ive said that before as well) but atleast once ever year or two or three...otherwise you will fall behind your competition that is attending.

Do you have ONE FOOT IN THE DOOR, ONE FOOT OUT THE DOOR, is your glass half full or half empty... make a choice and do whatever it takes to get booth feet in the door.

Jared my goal is and always will be to motivate, push, and pusher harder people like you to overcome fears, pitfalls, and problems so you can achieve your ultimate goals.

NO disrespect meant by anything I've said only trying to state a FACT about IAAPA. I will say the same thing about Transworld. I've already talked to several haunt owners who told me won't make it to Transworld this year... I'm like WHY? Its ONCE just ONCE this whole entire year? Are you serious? Everyone has their own way of doing things, I just don't have to agree that its the right thing for me or for anyone who runs a haunt business.


02-23-2010, 05:15 AM


One thing I need to understand better when I make these posts is that you haven't been around as long as I have, and that most of the people in this industry don't know all the history of the industry and I do. I went to this show (transworld) since 1994 and IAAPA since 1995... yes I know I'm old.

But I've seen all the changes from IAAPA where almost every booth was a flight simulator and most booths where dominated by big giant companies to now almost every booth is a small business and now NO flight simulator booths.

I've seen Halloween show go from Cinema Secrets being the biggest haunt vendor to now selling very little directed for haunts, I saw when Morris had 30 plus booths to now having 1 booth, I saw back when Distortions was a small company selling masks to one day offering animations. You probably don't know but our company was the first selling SCARY animations, everything prior was motorized or talking skull animations.

I was there the first time Scarefactory showed up then wasn't there to was there with a Corpseopoltolater I'm sure I didn't spell that right... to everything we see today.

So many things I say are based on the WHOLE ENTIRE history of what I've seen...

When animations first came out talking skulls, talking skeletons and whatever animations cost about $4500.00 or more dollars...

They went up up up in price and eventually it went down down down.

Here is the bottom line on this issue...haunt owners the buyers have dictated the prices for products not vendors. My whole point on this issue is you can't expect something to last for a zillion years if you are not willing to pay for it... do you want something that looks cool while at the same time will last you like something used in a Disney ride? PREPARE TO PAY!

I'm simply saying you can't have it both ways you can't expect something cheaper than AMUSEMENT industry standards (big time animation companies who build animations for Disney, Universal, blah, blah) but expect it to perform like you paid 10 times the money.

No I don't want more expensive animations, because what I want is stuff that looks super cool, that is built like a tank but at the same time is easy to fix when or if it breaks.

As an industry we have spoken and vendors try to meet our price points and they build some pretty awesome stuff within our budgets... most in the Hollywood world can't even believe we pay what we pay. They'll pay tens of thousands of a suit that only makes it one use.

We are getting off pretty good if you ask me!


Matt Marich
02-23-2010, 05:39 AM
Larry, Your a young pup. respectively speaking. When youv'e been Haunting since 1976 that's really old.

02-23-2010, 05:44 AM
My first haunt was when I was in 2nd grade we charged 50 cents, we had scenes like the invisible man, gi joes in pickle jars, sheets to make a maze hung from the ceiling, it was fun!

I wish I was a pup...



Jim Warfield
02-23-2010, 06:43 AM
I framed the Chicago Trib, article where Mad Bomber, Timmy McVeigh was said to have had a "Haunted House" in his parent's basement when he was a kid.
So I guess alot of us old-timers are not always in such "Good Company", when comparisons start, aye?
Weird thing for me personally, Will Smith , who wrote that story had written a long Trib. article about me a few years previously, I'm just "6 degrees away from....don't mention...
How many of us had a haunted house in our parent's basement?

02-23-2010, 07:03 AM
I did read what you wrote, the whole thing as long as that can take. I pointed out one thing and put quotes on the portion you wrote, so they were your words, gave a reasonable explanation of some people can't attend so its "not kind of dumb" its circumstance, and you come back on the defensive( I think it can be hard to tell) and write paragraphs about reading everything you write, and how it IS kinda dumb not to go, and it is hard for most haunters because of the time, and glass half full/empty.

Look, it was an exception to what you said nothing more. I don't recall you putting anything anywhere in your original post about I understand its at a bad time for haunters. And we can't go back now and prove you did or didn't because you changed your original post. I don't know if you think I was attacking you, or if you just wanted to fight, or maybe your tone in your new post isn't upset or aggressive, or excactly what goes through your head when reply to these things. All I do know is when you post about yourself or how you feel about things it can be difficult to understand where you are coming from the manner in which you post.

Also, if you are going to change your original post don't bother replying to me because now noone can go back and reference your original comments. That makes it difficult to point things out in order to get on the same page as too what each of us meant. You can now say you said anything because the original content is no longer available. Why would you do that and then put "Maybe you should READ everything I say rather than picking out one comment... "? You have done this to me before and I damn well know what you write each time I comment something you write, just like the 90% of all haunt crap we talked about last time. You deleted what you said that time also and then acted like I made your comments up and you really meant something you NEVER even wrote to begin with. Problem is I kept that post before you deleted and could had your original comments and I knew everything you wrote that time. This time I didn't because I didn't think you would take what I said as some attack or whatever.

Here is the bottom line, I have no issue with you, I didn't intend for what I said to sound like an issue with you, I wasn't clear on the animations portion. If I intend for something I say to sound like I am fighting with you I will put it on front street, but DON'T ever tell me to read everything you write yet delete what you wrote again. Here is one big LOL so you do KNOW this isn't an attackl.

02-23-2010, 12:24 PM

There has been 101 debates about IAAPA... this whole thread isn't even about IAAPA. So we are way off the subject here. Someone asked what is the best show to go to OUTSIDE of Transworld I said IAAPA. Why?

Because of all the reasons I've stated and more.

All of my comments about IAAPA are HERE online on this forum for all to read... I have stated a 100 times why IAAPA is good for you to attend, and WHY IAAPA is not worth attending if you are a vendor or if you are a buyers.

I will say it a thousand times, most of the time I talk to someone about IAAPA and they tell me the reasons why they don't go well they are NOT serving their business well by not attending.

All the MAIN reasons why our industry hasn't embraced IAAPA I understand fully and have explained to IAAPA many times: taking down our haunts, very little time between our haunts closing and IAAPA, for vendors not enough time to make new products, blah, blah. A couple additionally ones are the fact that haunters many of them will not PAY the $200 to $300 it costs to enter the show (that is a dumb reason if you ask me).

Either way bottom line Jared going to IAAPA is important to your business and if you can attend you have the opportunity to attend but you just don't because you think its too expensive to enter, or you don't think it will help your business or whatever well those are dumb reasons.

IAAPA can help your business, and if you read over the hundreds of posts I've made about this subject you'll know all I really care about is helping you with the best information and intel I can provide.

GET TO IAAPA at least ONCE every three years!


PS: I NEVER CHANGED MY ORIGINAL POST! So you are wrong there... I have said Jared 10 BILLION TIMES that I understand why some haunts DO NOT GO and why some haunts CANT GO... find other threads on the subject I've said it 100 BILLION TIMES and I understand that. IAAPA has asked me about this and I've told them I told IAHA back when they thought everyone would follow them to IAAPA... it will never work ever but that doesn't mean we can't go to help our business. We shouldn't go every year but we should try to go every few years.

IS IT DUMB NOT TO GO TO IAAPA when you have to VACATE the building you are IN over going to IAAPA... NO IT IS NOT! That is not who I am talking about I'm talking about the people I talk to who CAN GO who say they won't go because it cost too much or better they think its NOT worth their time because the show is for Six Flags... I have posted hundreds of times that IAAPA is nothing but small companies with cool products now so again if you CAN GO and YOU WONT GO that is dumb because YOU WILL find all SORTS of awesome things for your business.

If you CANT GO because bad season, other obligations, taking down storing your haunts TOTALLY understandable! Me personally I wouldn't go every year if I didn't have Blacklight Attractions but I would go every few years.

02-23-2010, 12:39 PM
Pictures from an IAAPA two years ago... you tell me if this is worth attending.

02-23-2010, 12:43 PM
I see idea's, I see theming supplies, heck I see haunted house vendors. I have to go right now but when I get back I'm going to dig through my computer of years and years of IAAPA.

I'm going to post 100 photos from IAAPA when I get back. Lets end this debate once and for what show would be one of the top shows you should attend you be the judge!


damon carson
02-23-2010, 06:17 PM
Scarefactorys booth looks a little too lit up! LOL! What no DARK ZONE! hA Ha hA!

02-23-2010, 10:32 PM
more photos of IAAPA shows. I will keep going until I get to 100 photos... which show is more important to your business than this other than this Transworld show... I can tell you NONE!

As you can see one picture we see mirror maze companies, we see a money counter which let me tell you is OFF THE HOOK because I bought two of them... they catch counterfit dollars, they bank face, they can count all bills, they seperate bills they do everything.

Would you see that at blah, blank, do da show? NO!

Can this help your business yes!


02-23-2010, 10:35 PM
What else do we see molding companies, we can find 15 to 20 insurance companies, we can find any type of food items to sell or equipment for selling food, here are some glow in the dark extension cords, where have you ever seen that before... IAAPA.

Wow who is that... Distortions.

Do you need some bambo or hatch well that is there too...

WOW! Yeah its not a mistake to miss this show!



02-23-2010, 10:39 PM
Lets make a waterfall or just see how its done...

Wow even Morris Costumes was there showing off new animations.

Hmmm... every single kind of steel flooring system you could ever want to use for floors to theming... I wonder if anyone could use that stuff.

Probably not! LOL


02-23-2010, 10:43 PM
Froggy Fog in the house!

That is one really cool rock archway. Haunted Enterprises in the house! Someone SELLING TREE BARK... are you kidding NO HAUNT could ever use that... What is that cool lighting stuff don't know never seen that at a haunt show before!


02-23-2010, 10:49 PM
I wonder if your actors could use those wild bounce shows I bet they could but if you don't go to IAAPA I guess you'll never know huh?

Those dip and dot things seem to make a lot of money never seen them before at a haunt show.

Wow that is one cool inflatable movie screen we could all use those to entertain our crowds huh? Maybe?

Are you a scream park, do you have daytime events could you use some scary looking inflatables?

Only at IAAPA. No I'm starting to think maybe its dumb to attend this show! LOL

02-23-2010, 10:53 PM
Do you need trees?

Remeber all those things one company just resold well here they are buy direct!!!

How about a search light? That will help your business! Look at those awesome wall panels ... WOW! Those are awesome right?

Here is one company selling rocks, and all sorts of other awesome theming props.

02-23-2010, 11:00 PM
Sometimes you can stop and catch a SHOW... great shot! LOL

Sometimes they have haunt seminars actually they always do and this one was produced by some well known haunters. Sometimes they have tours to well known theme parks like this one...

More awesome props heck even non haunt vendors in our industry like monsters.

How about REAL prop guns or special effects, or bottles that you can break over your head yeah I saw that there as well.


Lord of Fright
02-23-2010, 11:52 PM
Great pics Larry, Like I said before, and I do agree with you, that if you have a chance GO! But I say go to any convention you can got to, IAAPA, Transworld, WCHC, HauntCon, even others like the IMATS, or the food conventions. You can learn an pick up ideas from all of these shows! So why bash on the so called "smaller" shows Larry?

02-24-2010, 02:59 AM
I NEVER bashed ON ANY smaller shows so don't put words into my mouth! All I said was that IAAPA should be the second show of choice for a business owner that is NOT bashing on anything its stating a fact.

That is NOT to say going to all these other shows you are bringing up are not worth attending. Furthermore I've been to more tradeshows than you can shake a stick at from a sponsorship show, farmer show, fec show, to you name it... Hauntworld also attended Hauntcon and MHC last year so no one is bashing anything.

If you OWN a business you should ATTEND IAAPA its a no brainer! Nothing against any of these other shows even Transworld but you will find so much more to help your business than anywhere else. Will you find as much haunt stuff NO but you will find things you just can't find anywhere else and that is why you should go!

But PLEASE don't put words into my mouth I do a good enough job of that myself. LOL


02-24-2010, 06:14 AM
Pics look great.

Everyone here knows about IAAPA and what they offer I go most years. Even with the pics I think people either don't want to go or they can't go it's that simple. Also it's great to walk around and see all that cool stuff but the truth is not many haunters can actually afford much of that stuff. Hell, those money counters probably cost several thousand each, any one of those large foam structures and scenic pieces cost as much as many haunts entire Transworld budgets it's just so expensive! There are some things that make sense for haunters but let's be real the VAST majority either doesn't work for us or it's too damn expensive!


02-24-2010, 12:17 PM
Damn, this show is right down the road from me and I have never been. I need to check it out, it looks awesome.

02-24-2010, 12:39 PM
IAAPA is rotating between Vegas and Orlando right now, last year in Vegas this coming year in Orlando. I've found things like industrial vacuum cleaners that can be used on the STREET sucks up beer bottles, to things you can use in your haunt to things you can use to sell and make money.

Let me be very clear about my comments so no one is confused...

No one bashed smaller shows in fact IAAPA is in November and all these other shows are in March through different parts of the spring or summer. So they don't even compete with each other. The bottom line is YOU SHOULD ATTEND IAAPA... if you CAN and you DONT that is a DUMB MOVE!

I understand some just can't money, tearing down your show, or whatever... but if you CAN GO!

Don't let the cost of the show stop you from going, don't make excuses why you can't go you should go... and not every year because in a lot of ways its the same thing every year. Go once every two years or three years but make plans to go!

Its an educational experience, IAAPA is going to expose you to things you won't find anywhere else, IAAPA is going to help your business.

One of my goals was to try and get many of these must see vendors to come to Transworld show ... some have come and some have not. It will take some time but I think many will end up coming to Transworld but in the meantime don't let anything deter you from going to IAAPA once of these years coming up!

If you can't understandable I understand many of us just can't...

But figure out a way one of these years coming up to go... ORLANDO of this year we'll see you there.


Lord of Fright
02-25-2010, 12:47 AM
Not putting words in your mouth Larry...I was asking a simple question. Like I said, I do agree with you...remember you mentored my mentor (Allan C.).....I respect your input on certain things. IAAPA is a great show to take your Haunt or company to the next standard. You have to stay on the cutting edge or you don't get to play anymore. Right? So, staying on the cutting edge means attending as many of the conventions as you can, and learning as much as you can from all angles....my opinion. If people keep creating more conventions, then I say bring them on!!! ---Clifford Allen

02-25-2010, 02:09 AM
More photos... I think I offered 100 photos so lets keep going. Signs ever needed those they had them...you could even buy fiberglass rock walls for themeing. Here are those industrial cleaning machines.

More to come later.


PS: LOF... ah yeah you did you said I bashed on smaller shows I did NO SUCH THING... so again don't put words into my mouth or rather make up things. I'm not bashing any shows and won't... they are all great events to attend, what I'm talking about here is what shows one through whatever is most important to your business. IAAPA is imporrtant that is NOT to say other shows are not.

02-25-2010, 02:12 AM
no parking signs yeah we use those. tractors are you kidding me those are at the show? We use those don't we?

See that one company they sell touch screen poll so you can poll your customers. You could use that huh?

See that one company there selling automated ticket machines wow you are kidding you mean we wouldn't have to hire people to run our ticket booths... really?

Not to mention companies that sell ATM machines are all over the place.


02-25-2010, 02:19 AM
check out that... a mobile roll around soda cart, or how about a golf cart many of use those, or cotton candy anyone? LOL If you really got some serious bucks how about a giant street cleaner.

Look I'm telling you bottom line you miss IAAPA you are hurting your business... you can learn alot and you will see things you won't see anywhere else. Its just that simple. If you can make it go!


02-25-2010, 10:54 PM
I feel this thread has gone far from topic. The original point is that not so many Conventions need to be around. I don't think we should be discussing who is right or wrong and who said what. Also, I don't feel IAAPA is the point of this discussion.


02-25-2010, 11:31 PM
Larry...is that your Hulk I see busting outta that booth up there?

The Nightmare Factory
02-26-2010, 02:35 AM
Hi everyone,

Look we are not going to resolve anything here. It is obvious to me at least that Larry has his opinion and we ours. Arguing like this on the internet solves nothing and just brings about bad blood.

Larry, I attended IAAPA for 14 years, maybe more. I was enaged to my wife in Atlanta for goodness sake. No one is doubting that IAAPA is a great show, but how many of us can afford to attend? Membership is $459.00 at the least and then on top of that you have the admission fee to the show. It is costly, worth it, maybe, that all depends on your budget, I'm I right? Oh sure I can find things there I can find and when I leave the show I will have far too many catalogs and trinkets to take home.

Are there too many small haunt show? Maybe, but who are we to tell them not to give it a go. We are having the greatest response to our show. My students are really pumped about the speakers we are bringing to Oregon. Vendors are not a problem either, so thank you for your concern and thank you for a great place to tell the haunting world about our event.


02-26-2010, 03:50 AM
Yeah I'm being sarcastic in a funny way and for a reason... because you spend hours upon hours upon hours trying to help people if it isn't about one thing its another... and constantly you hear these petty reasons why that isn't possible, why that won't work, this cost too much, that wasn't good enough, not worth the money... all I'm trying to do is help!

Someone says IAAPA isn't worth going to I disagree, someone says a banner our on directory cost too much I disagree, someone says some seminar is worthless because they only got a couple idea's, I disagree, someone says whatever it just always seems like everyone complains a lot, nothing is ever good enough and well I disagree.

I will always stand behind KNOWLEDGE IS KING... KNOWLEDGE IS NOT FREE!

You pay for it one way or another, you pay for it for not listening making huge mistakes then BAM you lose a bunch of money, you stick your hand on a hot stove and it burns, you pay! You might not make those same mistakes again but you pay for everything you do one way or another.

Why not PAY to LEARN THE RIGHT WAY the first time save yourself the grief and get out of the gate quicker? Its not always paying someone money to learn, but its doing little things that make the difference like going to IAAPA, finding new ways to make more money, help your business, grow your business, taking seminars at Transworld, buying a magazine, taking a tour through some haunts in the off season during the season, watching haunt videos on you tube, spending a few hours looking at different haunts websites, reading these forums, asking questions, or even paying someone to help you!

Whatever it is... DO IT!

Going to IAAPA is a NO BRAINER! WHO CARES if it costs you $300 whatever dollars to get in who cares, its worth it! So you tell me a new animations for $4000.00 is worth it but $300 or 400 to go through IAAPA isn't or a seminar for $100 isn't or a haunt tour that teaches you something isn't... in the haunt industry some of us think backwards!

Again just trying to help with what I've learned over the years do what you think is best for you but sorry if we disagree on what is or isn't best.

Again just my two cents, not trying to offend anyone.


04-06-2010, 07:22 AM
I stand corrected and I apologize. I didn't see your quote the second time and thought you changed your post. I am sorry.

Von Spooky Nachos
04-06-2010, 10:47 PM
I got to attend the IAAPA show in Orlando a few years back-- It was a lot of fun, they had mucho cool stuff to look at, and I learned a lot too. Definitely worth checking out if possible. Lol, if you're too busy to go, pay my way and I'll grab you all the literature you want, and take you a couple hundred pictures of cool stuff too.

Regarding other points, things are tough all over and definitely getting tougher. We should keep in mind that things can change quickly and in unexpected ways overnight. I have seen certain creative industries turned totally upside down, and in short order too. Key players gone. I think we really need to stick together and help each other as much as possible.

Not pointing any fingers, but I have to say, bickering between major players, and insult slinging between major players is about as fun as watching your parent's argue when you were a kid. It's uncomfortable at best.