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Rich Hanf
02-15-2010, 06:04 PM
2…..I saw the previous prediction with such clarity that I struggled to understand why I could not leave this topic behind and move on to another prediction. It was then that I realized that the great beyond was trying to impart to me…Hanf-A-Domous The Great, yet another prediction that was similar….. yet different. It involved yet another convention!!! YES…..IT IS TRUE!!! I see yet another tradeshow / convention poised to be purchased and put to sleep, in an effort to bring this fragmented industry together!!!
The timing might be right as there may be people involved with this show that are needing to focus on other things. A buy out would be a fabulous opportunity to walk away while on top plus the added benefit of receiving more money than some Haunters make during their entire Halloween season.

I will say this…if you are a past attendee of shows other than the only real industry tradeshow, you may have only one final chance to attend this much loved gathering before it goes the way of the doe doe!!!
This will result in a coming together of our industry the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.
I see important information regarding these predictions coming to the industry as a result of a mid June meeting, by mid summer. As it is written, so shall it be!!!

3…..While it is known that the Costume and Party industry has suffered a rift, separating the two and resulting in two different trade shows, only Hanf-A-Domous the Incredible has had a vision regarding what is happening behind the scenes. Although initial reports of the C&P Houston show were disastrous, the vision I have had is much different. In my dreams I have seen a busy show floor with many a vendor experiencing lines at their booths. My vision of what will happen the Chicago part of the C&P show is still foggy, but it is becoming increasingly clear that things will be equally strong in the Windy City.
While this show struggles to define itself, I see a fly in the ointment. There is someone in the Haunted Attraction Industry that was seen talking to the Houston Costume and Party Show big wigs. My vision is unclear but the spirits are whispering to me that the topic of these conversations revolve around the possibility of bringing the Haunt Show and the C&P Show back together!!! We all know that we used to be together…then separated but in the same convention center…finally we are standing on our own. Now, these back room dealings threaten to bring us back to the stone ages of haunting. Hanf-A-Domous predicts these talks will go nowhere.

02-17-2010, 02:32 AM
A couple of things... the Houston Show was a success from the vendors I talked to... its not about how many people show up its about how many orders you write. Rubies is the big dog behind that show and considering they are the biggest vendors in the Halloween industry its tough doing a good Halloween retail show without them (IE: Transworld).

I don't know that the Chicago show will do well, I don't know why it would do as good as the Houston Show, it will be less than half the size and there won't be a rubies, so I don't know.

What I do know is this... Rubies has many good things going for their show in Houston which includes good weather, themselves exhibiting and strong vendor support. Transworld is fighting an up hill battle with these guys and if you are going to try and save this retail show and pull out all the stops you are going to need SOMETHING that Houston Show doesn't have (IE: HAUNTS).

So yeah it makes sense to help SAVE the Transworld retail show you incorporate back into the mix the haunt vendors... as a showcase piece that Houston does NOT have! Would adding the haunts back into the Halloween retail show SAVE the TW Halloween retail show without getting Rubies back?

I doubt it because Rubies is the biggest vendor and most of those Halloween retail vendors hated the haunts and have no respect of our industry what so ever. Rubies and those guys won't care.

Now on the other hand it makes sense for the Houston show to say to themselves... how do we put the dagger in DEEP and put an end to TW once and for all... I guess get the haunts to go to Houston rather than work with TW.

I guess what you are suggesting is that someone who use to own a magazine is talking to the Houston show about bringing Hauntcon and haunt vendors to Houston. That is what it seems like you are saying...

However that will NEVER WORK... for one this person has very little pull with vendors if any and vendors won't follow to Houston where booth prices are outragous and lastly because the Houston show is to early in the year.

The bottom line is simple... our industry has proven we can stand alone, we don't need the retail industry, and as I've been saying from day one we've never needed them but now it seems they need us.

Transworld needs us more, they need us to give their retail show a shot in the arm, a marketing tool to get retailers back into the seats, give them an additional reason to come to their retail show. Plus all of us haunts give a perception of a much bigger show.

Look bottom line its nice to know we finally matter!

I'm not going with Houston for any reason... I'm sticking with Transworld and you know what if us Haunts can now help them save their retail show I'm all ears!!! I would like to help them!


02-17-2010, 06:37 AM
Regarding the Chicago show going against Rubie's I think they show fight back and not roll over to Rubies. And if they did end up combining with the haunt show again eventually Rubies would see that the missed the boat.

The haunt show is getting the respect it deserves now, we proved we can do it on our own successfully. By combining them again would give a big boost to their show that Houston couldn't match. But, does it HAVE to be in Chicago or Rosemont for that matter??? But I agree that if Houston were to do the same and incorporate haunts, it's over!

I wonder how much the retail vendors really hated the haunters in reality? Maybe a few vocal ones did but I bet the majority enjoyed us being there. And let's be honest, some haunters did do their best to contribute to any possible animosity they might have towards us from what I remember....