View Full Version : Another New Prediction from The Great One

Rich Hanf
02-16-2010, 01:23 PM
Greetings fledgings...it is I Hanf-A-Domous the benevolent. I have been in a mental fog all day trying to clarify my latest prediction in my own mind. Now, at long last it has become crystal clear to me and so it shall now become clear to you!!!

I can see with increasing clarity the coming of an old industry magazine...no wait...not an old magazine...a NEW magazine...and yet, this is not completely accurate either. Ah ha...I see...it it BOTH...the coming back of an old magazine in a new format.

Everyones favorite magazine Fright Times is coming back. YES...I can see that it was purchased by the owner of an East Coast Haunters Convention and the first issue will be ready either by Transworld or by what is called the Natl. Haunters Convention.

Many of you will remember Fright Times when John Denley was the owner / publisher and
mourned it's loss after several years. Now is the time to buy up any back issues as with a commitment having been made to keep Fright Times front and center for the long haul, those older issues will certainly become more valuable.

Let's all welcome back Fright Times and see to it that it recaptures the place of honor that it deserves.

As it is written...so shall it be!!! H