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02-23-2010, 07:50 AM
THANK YOU! Guys let me tell you the vendors in this industry are just AWSOME! They have went way above in giving me donations for prizes to the Insane Shane TransWorld Kick Off Party. I am so honored that they have put faith in this party to be the official "Party for Haunters" Not only have they donated but they have purchased tickets as well again I am honored guys. I went out on a limb to give our industry a party to call its own just like the show itself. I will not make money on this event as I have spent to much ( hum I sound like Larry lol actually I now know how he feels!) nor did I do it to make money but I just felt we needed something to start the show off with.

I will have all the vendors listed at the party and you will see all of them listed in the lobby at the Americas Center before you enter the show. I am asking and begging you to support these guys they did not have to give anything but they did. They gave back to us and I want these guys supported!

I have finally finished up all donations with prizes from $150.00 to over $1000.00 and all in between. which comes to a total of over $10,000.00 given to this party. I am glad this is done man its been alot of work. Lucky for me I will have a crew picking up prizes on the show floor on Wednesday so I want have to do that David M, Shaun, Justin, I feel sorry for you lol NOT! It will be fun kinda like trick or treating. I look forward to seeing and hanging out with everyone if you need the link again here it is...... http://www.graystonemanor.net enter site and follow link. Guys please THANK THEM also for all their donations. Again all of you AWSOME VENDORS GUYS THANKS A MILLION IT TRULY MEANS ALOT TO ME! Shane and its I am just so honored! Shane this time.