View Full Version : Transworld Speed Seminars

Rich Hanf
02-23-2010, 05:35 PM
With my alter ego Hanf-A-Domous busy making so many predictions these days I didn't want people to think that I had forgotten about the upcoming Transworld show and seminars.

A few short weeks ago I made a post here about the speed seminars and mentioned Allen Hopps and how cool and informative his seminar was going to be. With decades of experience and having worked at places like Spookyworld, Terror on Church St., and Skull Kingdom he certainly has much to offer.

Well, another great seminar coming at us will be given by Ross Karpelman and Steve Joseph of House of Shock in New Orleans. They will be talking about Pyrotechnics on Wednesday and Jaw Dropping Production on Thursday. Certainly these two Haunters come to us with Uber qualifications. House of Shock is legendary...going into it's 18th year, has always been voted in the top 10 best haunts in the country and have been on tons of tv shows and networks including Travel, Discovery, Fuze tv etc.

They have made their living through the years by working in music production and magement. One of the original partners in HoS was the lead singer of Pantera and Ross and Steve have done everything from working with the Stones, Janet Jackson, Nickelback and so many more right up to doing the pyro for the Saints as they brought home the trophy to New Orleans.
It would be hard to find Haunters who are more experienced both in Haunting specifically and in entertainment in general.

With only a month left before the show, and these seminars filling up fast, I hop you will make the decision to join us for the Speed Seminars and learn from the biggest and the best.