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Rich Hanf
03-08-2010, 07:16 PM
Greetings minions...Hanf-A-Domous here. There is so much to tell you all. Except for last weekend when I saw Eric "Slowhand" Clapton in New Orleans, I have been in an almost constant state of meditation. This metaphysical trance has allowed the afterworld to bestow upon me insights and predictions that have astounded even me!!! Since my latest group of prediction I have received literally hundreds of calls and e-mails...ok...all but 3 were from Larry...but I received them just the same. There is so much to predict...and about so many people I barely know where to start. No wait...that's not true...I actually do know where to begin. Although I have predictions for you regarding various Haunted Houses and their owners, the so called "Haunters Curse", IAHA, the HHA, other conventions, and who was getting hit on during the Bloody Mary cruise, right now all attention must go towards Transworld.

I can sum up my Transworld predictions in two words....Gonna SELL OUT...well, that's actually 3 words but you get the idea. I predict that the Wednesday speed seminars will be a total sell out. Now I don't mean sell out in a bad way ...you know...the way some haunters will sell you out. I mean Sell Out like you can't buy yourself a seat even if your name is Jen Braverman cause it's soooo sold out. There are something like 12 reserved seats left and it's stand the rest of the day after that...and trust me it's gonna be a looong day.

I already told you about Speaker Allen Hopps...I already told you about speaker Paul Johnson. Now I'll tell you this...I was speaking just the other day to Ross Karpelman of House of Shock...another speaker. Let me tell you...he is gonna teach you about entertainment the way nobody else can. Who has he worked with? You mean in addition to House of Shock...the Baddest Haunt in the U S of A...you mean who ELSE has he worked for? How about a group called Nickelback...you heard of them? How about Janet "OOps my costume fell off and my brother overdosed" Jackson...how about The Rolling Stones. Are you really gonna sit there and say...well The Stones may have hired these guys but I know better...I don't have to listen. Is that you? Are you really gonna say that... or are you ready to say Great Googley Moogley...I'm gonna buy me a ticket. I'm gonna get me to the promised land.
I have so much more to tell you but I can't rest until these last 12 seats are gone. I'm actually thinking about buying them all myself and scalping them out in the hallway for twice the price...you snooze you loose. Don't let me down...don't let me down...my predictions are always right...I have bigger...badder...jucier one ready to come at you but you gotta help me get past this Transworld sell out thing. Get it done...buy your ticket...I'm beggin you...help me get these prediction out of my head. Get it done and we can talk about that certain haunters wife that was sucking face with that stranger at the Creative Visions event last year...there is so much more to come...I have one finger on the pulse of the industry and the other on the button. Buy those tickets now so we can move on to other things.
I 'll tell you what...you guys sell this out by Wednesday and I'll make some predictions that will turn it all upside down...there is soooo much more to come...so much more to tell you about these speed seminar speakers...Great Googley Moogley...Somebody Help Me!!! H

03-09-2010, 03:59 AM
We bought 3 tickets today. I hope that helps your mind get a little clearer. lol


Rich Hanf
03-09-2010, 05:12 AM
God Bless you Son...God Bless You