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Rich Hanf
03-09-2010, 08:21 AM
This is unreal!!! The way you guys have responded to Hanf-A-Domous' plea is just great. Transworld was shooting for 100 tickets to be sold for the speed seminars...well, after last night's Hanf-A-Domous post that number has shot up to 120...YES. The seminar is now oversold...just like the friggin airlines, only Jen is not gonna charge you for your first bag. I called her this morning...I told her to do the unthinkable. I said "these guys won't let you down...there is no way they are gonna let a $50 bill get between them and the information being presented during the speed seminars". I said..."you gotta get a bigger room"!!! She said "NO FRIGGIN WAY". I said "YES FRIGGIN WAY". I told her we were standin tall and doin' it all. I told her as Haunters we were rollin into town with a trunk of funk...I told her the fire inspector will never let THAT MANY HAUNTERS in one room that size. I open up a can of whoop ass...she had no choice. She relented. Jen has gone and gotten a bigger room to accomodate the outpouring of love you guys (and ladies) are showing. This is it. This time it's personal baby. We are up to an unbelievable 120 people so far. The new room can safely hold 175 which means we want 200 in there. This is it. This time it's for real. Don't miss out on the fun...don't miss out on the excitement...don't DARE miss out on the INFO that can transfix your bidnez!!! Let's show Transworld that we are not the cheap broke bastrads everyone thinks we are. Let's thank Transworld for the time and money thay have spent putting this shabang together. They have gone the extra mile...they're doin' it in style. 200...and not a Haunter less. Standin' room only baby...that's the battle cry of the day...in fact...it's not!!! The battle cry of the day is GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY...that's right GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY. I want you to say it...I wanna hear you say it...Jen wants to hear you say it...GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY. When you see me at the show I want you to say RICH HANF...GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY...When you Jen at the show I want you to say Hey Jen...GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY...I want you to come up to me and say it...I want you to yell it across the show floor...Rich Hanf GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY...I want to hear it at the bowling alley for the party...and at the HHA Auction. That way I'll know you got my back...I'll know we are all in this together...I want the whole show to be saying as one...GREAT GOOGLEY MOOGLY...are you with me? YES H

03-09-2010, 08:53 AM
Wednesday is going to be packed. Looks like alot of folks will be in town. Remember you guys after all these great jam packed seminars feel free to come over to the party that night and take home a load of prizes.
htt://www.graystonemanor.net enter site follow link! Shane and its see you all on Wednesday! Shane this time.

03-09-2010, 09:15 AM
There has been a big void in the infomercial world since the passing of Billy Mays. Rich, if this haunt thing doesn't work out you could always make a killin' on tv. lol