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03-09-2010, 01:56 PM
...& hopefully earn a little extra cash.

I have done a complete renovation of a small room at the haunted house I work at leading to our makeup room. I repainted the walls, painted the tile ceiling, hung artificial vines & moss everywhere, & installed several new LED puck lights on the ceiling. I would loved to have been even more elaborate in my work but I see this as more of a test run. What I mean by that is the actors in particular who I work with are not used to "nice & elaborate", they can be a bit rough sometimes & I didn't want to take a chance in them tearing up too much (if anything) so my loss (hopefully none) will be at a minimum. (Not to say our haunted house isn't nice because IT IS but for the most part we keep our more prized & priceless possessions behind walls with windows so we can continue to have them year after year without the worry of them being destroyed &/or stolen.)

If you are a TN haunter & like what you see in my albums section, please feel free to contact me for possible work.
Eventually as time & money allows I'd like to travel out of state & help others to realize their visions!
I'm looking to expand beyond the little room I created & work on much larger scale. I created what I'm calling the Gothic Jungle Room, I can do most any other themes, just let me know! Thanks!

John Elks
Actor/Co-Builder/Painter/Staff member
Death Row: Sanitarium of Slaughter
Nashville, TN