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03-11-2010, 12:14 PM
I am looking to use Propane flares in my Haunt And was wondering if there is a special kind that is used or if Its just a manual flare rigged to a remote device. Any advise on this would be great!

Also has anyone had any trouble with the law that has used them?

Jim Warfield
03-11-2010, 05:54 PM
That there must be a person operating such a thing who has a pyrotechnics license.
I worked for 15 years in the heating business and just looking at those devices scares the hell out of me, but then maybe I just have an imagination and think of All those little things that can (and sometimes "Do") go wrong. Wrong enough to provide a ball of unplanned fire or explosion.
The amount of BTU's in a tank of LP gas can be very high or very low when it is delivered before it gets hooked up and anything used out of it.
LP is heavier than air so it "Falls" if not ignited, builds up in low areas, Then if sparked may explode !
For the huge, incredible looking effect you will use up at least one large tank of gas each night, I have heard. You better have quite a crowd buying tickets just to pay for it.
Maybe a big ols spot light would be better?

03-12-2010, 10:04 AM
also remember a fire at a haunted house will hurt every haunt in america

Jim Warfield
03-13-2010, 10:27 AM
Remember the headlines about someone falling to their death in a "Haunted House" it was actually a climbing rock/thing someone had hung a little sign on that said, "Haunted House", but gotta fill that blank page with something..and gotta get people all razzed up to get noticed ..some put Haunted house in the headline.
My headline/attention grabber:"Newspaper ONLY gets 04% of the facts right 85% of the time!"
Oh, but then You mis-quoted me!
Sorry, correction buried on page 143 in small print.
My Cousin lost a very good job when a newspaper made a headline story from she and her boyfriend being busted for dope, a total case of wrongfull arrest but the damage to her reputation was already done, they never spent any time in jail or had to get a lawyer to get off, that's how wrong the whole thing had been.
Retraction? Page 47 section "D".....
Fiction, fantasy , lies and slander are not supposed to be what a newspaper sells you.

03-14-2010, 08:03 PM
Halloweenroom, I've actually been spending my entire day trying to figure out how to build what I think you're asking for....a flame projector. It's actually not very complex, but it's still using LP, which as Jim has pointed out does have it's dangers. I wouldn't even think about using this indoors. I know it can be done safely indoors, and has been done, but I don't really think a haunt is the right environment for real flame effects.

As far as the law goes, as always it depends on your area. But I've heard some states require an operators license for these, while others are not so picky. But to convince your fire marshall that firing one of these things inside a haunt, which is intended to make people scared and confused already, is probably not gonna fly. But the only way to find out is ask.

If you're still determined to do this, PM me and I'll point you toward all the info I've found out. I don't want to get sued for the random passerby on here who happens to build his own flame projector from my instructions and burns down a haunt. And for the record, I'm not an expert, nor a licensed pyrotechnician, nor have I built one of these myself. So don't take my advice as the final word here.

And Jim, I couldn't agree with you more about the media and their headlines.