View Full Version : Speed Seminar Seminars...we are this close

Rich Hanf
03-13-2010, 05:14 PM
This is pretty cool. What began as "let's try something new and see if it works" has morphed into "where are we going to fit everyone?". It'nice to try something different and actually have it go without a hitch. Should happen more often don't you think? The Speed Seminars are filling up quick. They already blew past 100 people last week and as the weekend began they were easily knocking on the door of 150. Fact is they may already be there as when I spoke to Jen she said that between the regular seminars and the new Speed Seminars they were so swamped they hadn't had time to count everyone but will have an exact number on Monday. 150 is no problem. That leaves one week to sign up 50 Haunters (ok...they can be people even if they aren't haunters). 50 more to go and we reach 200. What a win that will be for Transworld...and all of us. There is going to be soooo much great info coming your way via these seminars that with a total sell out Transworld will not hesitate to go even bigger and better next year. I mean, why should THEY bother if WE don't care? The fact that Haunters are signing up for this new seminar series is nothing but a positive and we all win in the end.

Let's keep those sign ups coming in. If you are still on the fence there are plenty of reasons to sign up now. I have already mentioned many of the speed seminar speakers. Here is one I haven't talked about. From the Realm of Darkness we have Frank Gadwell. Ever wondered what you could do to augment your show> Have you ever wanted to present something different? Well, Frank is going to be speaking on just that...the Interactive haunt. What that means is that they include customer participation in with the regular skits and scares. What doeas that mean? How do they do that? Is it popular and successful? Join in and find out. It's just another reason this new brand of seminar is filling up so fast...it's 200 or bust. Let's do it!!!